Flavor of the Month: March Favorites

Just stuff I've been obsessed with this month, starting off with the schlepping bag:

I've had this bag for more than two months now, and I am completely in love with it - I carried it practically every day last month. It's just so easy - it carries all my junk, it goes with everything, and I don't have to worry about it too much. I don't think I'll every be ready for a bag that requires pampering; I'd rather have something I can use the hell out of. The straps are beginning to show signs of wear though - just some minor creasing, no flaking, thank goodness -  but they've also become softer and I like it when my bags look worn as opposed to spankin' new.

I've also switched my daily office uniform from button-down shirts to snuggly sweaters, because I have the good fortune of being seated right underneath the air conditioning vent and lately it has been really really cold. Plus, they're so much more comfortable, and I don't have to worry about them creasing or anything (no ironing wheeeeeee ^^).

It's crazy how one accessory can turn a whole (boring) ensemble around. I wore this every chance I got last month - with a plain black blouse, a little black dress, plain white shirt, actually any other colored shirt that goes with turquoise. I got it from Chi's closet (I actually saw first saw it on Chi, and when I found out she had it on stock I immediately reserved one :p).

Makeup stuff! It's been a while since I tried out new things.

The MAC Strobe Cream is supposed to be a primer or highlighter or something, but it's excellent as a moisturizer. My skin has been kinda dry lately, and since they reformulated my favorite (MAC Lightful) and I didn't want to take the risk I decided to get the Strobe Cream instead (I've used this before and really liked it).

For the face I switched to Skin79 BB cream because foundation just felt suffocating. I set it with the DiorSkin Nude Fresh Powder Makeup (I wish it came with a shorter name). It's on the expensive side, but when I switch to other setting powders (in an attempt at conservation) my face gets really oily.

I have also discovered the magic of brown eyeliner! I thought it would look unnatural because I have black hair and black mascara, but it actually looks better and less harsh for everyday compared to black liner. Right now I'm using Kate gel liner in BR-1, and I find it superior to MAC Fluidline in terms of staying power (I have crazy oily lids). And it's cheaper too. I lost my MAC 266 (and I still feel bad about it until now) so I had to get a new eyeliner brush. I wanted to get the MAC 231 but they didn't have it anywhere, so I got the MAC 211 (nabbed the last one at Sephora Ion) instead. I really hated it at first but I guess it has a learning curve because now I am so happy I got it (although I'm still keen on getting a 231).

I have a love-hate relationship with my Clarisonic, and right now I love it. I think it's because with the initial excitement comes the tendency to over-exfoliate. What works for me is once-a-day use, and the trick is to keep the brush head flush to the skin - resist the urge to really dig it in because that will leave your face red and raw and irritated.

Oh, and two new Mac OS X apps that changed my life.

If you follow a ton of blogs and RSS feeds, Pulp is a godsend. Or, if you have Pulse on your iPhone (or Droid) and you're done waiting (in vain) for the Mac OS X app. Once I got used to reading stuff off Pulse I just couldn't go back to using my browser. It's not a free app, though, which is a bummer, but you can try it out free for  a week before you splurge.

If you have a Gmail account (and seriously, who doesn't), and you're fed up with the native Apple Mail app getting all confused with your labels (I have a bit of OCD when it comes to my mailbox, if the number of labels you see below isn't any indication), and you hate how Google is pushing the new bug-infested Gmail theme, you have to get Sparrow.

Finally, a mail client that understands Gmail labels! And it's free (ad-supported, but who cares, really)!
P.S. There is also an iOS app which I'm also in love with. It's not free though.

Last but not least, Pinterest!

All the things you love, from all over the internet, organized neatly into boards. A bit snooty right now as it's invite-only, but it's a really cool concept, yes? You can see my not-so-organized boards here.

Okay, that was a long post. Hopefully I can keep this up (or maybe next month I can do things I hate instead :p). What have you been obsessed with lately?

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