First Impressions: Kate Art Dial Mascara

Spotted this in Sasa yesterday, and it was just too intriguing to pass up on:

There are dozens of mascara wand innovations out on the market - oscillating wands, spiky torture balls - but this is the first one I've seen of its kind.

According to the product blurb on Kate's website:

An integrated dial comb bottle that creates the eye impression of your choice. A highly functional mascara that allows you to do fine mascara work that cannot be accomplished with conventional mascara bottles. Easily work with groups of lashes to create the lash type of your choice.

The tube has a twist-type dial at the bottom which pushes the product up into the wand.

The wand is an angled rubber comb which is about half the size of a regular mascara wand. A bit scary to use at first, but application is surprisingly easy - just give the dial a couple of twists until you see the product on the wand, and comb through the lashes. The angle is perfect for the upper lashes, and the fine-toothed comb means zero clumps. I did have some trouble with the bottom lashes, but still more manageable compared to other comb-type mascara wands.

Before and after pictures, with a lash curler and one coat. Not too shabby.

Kate Art Dial Mascara (top) vs Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus (bottom, full review here). I'd say they're comparable, but I do get a wee bit more lengthening with the latter, and a glossier finish to boot. However in terms of ease of application Kate is the clear winner.

I only did a quick test drive so I can't comment on the performance yet, but it does look promising. I'm hoping it can hold a curl and resist smudging onto my extremely oily lids.Will update when I've had the chance to play with it a bit more.

In the meantime, I hope everyone's enjoying the extremely short holiday. As for me, I'm having a splendid time rolling around in bed and subsisting on leftovers. ^^

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