Friday Favorites: Aspirin Mask

Just when I thought I had my skincare routine down pat, my skin decides to go nuts. I'm used to the occasional hormonal breakout on my T-zone, but when a pimple takes up residence on my cheeks, that's when I panic.

One of my favorite things to do to calm my skin down is the aspirin mask. I did this a lot when my skin first started breaking out like crazy (which heralded the start of my skincare and makeup obsession). It went into hiatus when I moved to Japan for a year because I didn't know how to get my hands on aspirin, and then I sort of forgot all about it.

But now it's back with a vengeance. It's extremely easy to do, and quite cheap too. You only need two things: aspirin and honey.

Make sure you get the uncoated aspirin tablets, otherwise it would take years to dissolve them. As for the honey, I just got the cheapest one I could find in the grocery store. Errm, not the cheapest actually, but I am wary of honey that comes with an expiry date. As far as I know, it does not expire, so it should only have a best before date, if any. It may expire if it has been watered down, or if it has any other extra ingredients. I've also come across jars that are labeled as honey but after inspecting the fine print, they actually contain honey-flavored syrup. So just make sure you get real honey. I usually get the one in the cute little bear bottle but I can't find that here, so I ended up with organic honey in a boring jar. Boo.

Anyway, on to the aspirin mask. Note that this should be used on a clean face (i.e. wash your face beforehand). Get two or three aspirin tablets and put a drop of water on each. I have 500mg tablets, so I only used two.

Give it a couple of seconds, and then press each tablet lightly. It should crumble easily enough. Now it's time to add the honey!

Mix it up with your fingers (or with a spoon if you're sushal like that) and apply to your face, avoiding the eye area. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes.

Resist the urge to lick the honey off your face. Although if you have a headache or fever, go ahead and help yourself :p

You can use the aspirin granules to exfoliate your skin a bit as you wash the mask off. Make sure you moisturize afterwards. Your skin should feel softer and happier already. ^^

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