Friday Favorites: Pocket for iOS

Pocket is the solution to my wish for a longer bus ride to work. And yes, I know that sounds crazy weird, but allow me to explain.

It all started with Pulse, a (free!) content aggregator app which collects the latest feeds from all your favorite websites and displays them in a nifty little grid - that's all the information you want, literally at the tip of your fingers.

Ever since this discovery I've made a habit of going through my feeds every morning on my way to work. Which was fine at first, but over time my subscriptions started to balloon, until my fifteen-minute bus ride was barely enough to skim through the headlines. Hence the wish for a longer bus ride. Arguably I could do the whole content consumption bit before going to work, but I'm dead sure sleep would trump it every single time. So what happens is I am forced to select only the most interesting bits and leave the rest to oblivion. Enter Pocket.

It's actually nothing new, in fact it's just a rebranding of Read it Later. All it does is save online content so you can, well, read it later. The crucial thing, I think, was that they made it easy. Like, really easy. If you're using Pulse, all you have to do is tap the star on the lower right corner.

You can also install a bookmarklet in Safari, and Tweetbot supports saving links to Pocket. And when you finally get some free time, instead of looking for the articles in your feed again, all you have to do is open the app and commence reading.

And it's not just for unread articles. I actually find Pocket quite handy for keeping tabs on bits and pieces of the web I'd like to go back to later - how-to guides, recipes, make-up tutorials, and those awesomely weird ideas I'd like to explore one day. Like cooking rice in beer.

Or that article that I would like to go back to when my neurons are in full working order so I can appreciate it even more.

 You can even add tags to the entries, for a bit more organization, which I promise to do when I'm in a particularly OCD mood. In a way it's sort of like Pinterest, but for articles, if that makes sense.

 And the best part? It's free, so definitely give it a go. Happy reading. ^^

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