The One Thing I Hate...

... and will never ever purchase... is... Cetaphil!

I know Google has to make money to feed the hungry engineers (with gourmet meals, natch), and normally I don't mind the ads, but seeing this clip on almost every single YouTube video drives me into a seething mindless rage. Rage, I tell you. Most ads are distracting, true, but this is intrusive, and annoying, and repetitive, like campaign posters on election week. And to tell you the truth, I feel like it's something I have to suffer through just so I can watch a damn video, something I really want to be done and over with, and would you really want to associate your product with that feeling? Like now, I seriously am never going to buy Cetaphil. Ever.

Anyway, since we're on the subject of YouTube, let me just share one of my favorite channels, and no, it's not beauty related. It's called RRcherrypie, and a collection of videos about Japanese DIY stuff. If they started making videos when I was still in Japan, I probably wouldn't have developed a makeup addiction and instead focused my funds and energy into the most kawaii stuff that can only come from the Japanese. Like this Gummy Candy Tree that you have to build yourself before eating (which was what I was about to watch when I was rudely disturbed by the damn Cetaphil ad):

Coolest. Thing. Ever.
And they have more than a hundred other videos about similarly cute stuff. Oh, how to get my hands on these things...

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