Rainy Days and Mondays

Normally I hate the rain but it's something I have learned to accept after a year (already?!?) of suffering through Singapore's schizophrenic weather. I have been caught in the middle of a torrential downpour on my way to the office one too many times, and I always end up reporting for work with squish squish squishy shoes. Disgusting, I know. And bad news for my flats. So I had to do something about it, yes?

I prefer boots for rainy days, I really do, but I'm pasaway enough with the office attire as it is. So I went with the next best thing: Melissa shoes. My first pair was a disaster. I knew they were a bit too snug, but I fell in love with the color - a royal blue-black degrade that I have never seen before - and the sales assistant said they were supposed to be snug. Tssss. I promptly wore them the next day, and went home with blistered feet and a new pair of emergency, my-feet-are-about-to-die-so-I-just-bought-the-cheapest-I-could-find flats.

For my next pair I was a bit more careful. And I did my research. Did you know that Melissa shoes are so much cheaper in the Philippines? It was a test of patience (and how much people love me :p), but it's well worth it. Because lookie what I got!

Melissa x Jason Wu Ultragirl Lace flats. In the correct size, this time. Looooooooooove.

And this is a bit weird, but they smell so good! They have this bubblegum scent that can be quite addictive; I actually  had to stop myself from sniffing my shoes like a lunatic. And according to the Melissa website, it stays for months. Too cool.

For rubber flats they are remarkably comfy, although they do need to be broken in. I almost got a blister the first time I wore them, but it was from the friction between the rubber and my skin, and not because of the shoe edges, if that makes sense. But I haven't experienced any discomfort since.

I'm tempted to purchase the other colors as well; they do such an awesome job of brightening up an otherwise gloomy rainy day. ^^


  1. waaah I also had blisters the first time I wore my Melissa. And dumating din ako sa point na mamamamatay na yung paa ko at pinulikat pa ako sa kanya. haha! wish ko lang yun na yung breaking in na kailangan nya. :|

  2. hahaha me i had to buy new shoes! otherwise hindi ako makakauwi nang buhay lol
    pero the one in the correct size, after the initial blister, ok na :D