It occurred to me yesterday, after thirteen months, that I should be thankful to have found a boyfriend who is not allergic to seafood :p

Imagine living in Singapore and not getting to try the world-famous crabs. What torture that must be.

Our first crab adventure was in some random restaurant in Boat Quay (maybe). We had a ginormous (overpriced) chili crab that just kept on giving. The sauce was lackluster, with zero heat, but the crab itself was great. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture. Tsk.

The next one was on my birthday, and this time we headed to No Signboard in Vivo City. It was a weekday, and there were only a handful of customers, but the service was abysmal. And the butter crab was very meh. And very bitin.

Crab number three is at Mellben Seafood in Ang Mo Kio, because we wanted to make sure that we get real good buttered crab this time. It's a bit of a hassle to get there - there is no nearby train station so you have to take a feeder bus, so thank you Google Maps - and you have to brave lines of kilometric proportions, plus an equally long wait after you get seated. If I recall correctly it took more or less three hours (!!!) before we finally laid eyes on this:

To be fair, these were damn good buttered crabs, with lots of sauce for dipping drowning your mantou in (which I enjoy almost as much as the crabs themselves). But is it worth the long wait? Maybe not. However, I am considering getting an apartment very near Mellben Seafood - it's in a residential area - so I won't have to.

Yesterday we found ourselves in No Signboard again. I actually suggested just buying some live mud crabs from the huge FairPrice nearby, and cooking it ourselves.

I've never really cooked mud crabs before but I've done it with fresh flower crabs lots of times (at one point, I had two every Friday) with some measurable success.

Sometimes I get really lucky and come home with extremely fat female crabs. Drool.

Also, my attempt at salted egg prawns was successful (but really, how can you go wrong with that much butter?) and I wanted to do it with crabs this time.

But the boyfriend was adamant we eat out, so the salted egg crabs would have to wait.
There was no time to scope out a new crab place, so No Signboard it is. This time we ordered the chili crab. Still hesitant because we didn't like it the first time, but that mantou demands to be dunked somewhere.

It's so ridiculously un-photogenic, yes? But hot damn, it was good! The first chili crab we tried was probably a fluke! This one has lots of heat, and the sauce was so yummy I had to stop myself from slurping it. And I also considered asking the staff if I can have the leftover sauce to go with a basket of mantou. Speaking of, the service was excellent this time around. Maybe because it's a weekend? At any rate, pleased is an understatement. Definitely two thumbs pincers up. ^^ 

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