This Week's Obsession: White Collar

This was recommended to me during that one rare office lunchtime conversation that was not entirely devoted to Diablo, or Alien invasion vs Zombie apocalypse, or if levitation is possible for people with telekinesis. Hay, lunch with the boys.

There probably was a lengthy explanation of the plot and the premise and such, but all I needed to hear (and all I remembered, really) was "it stars Bryce Larkin from Chuck" and off I went.

This time around he's Neal Caffrey, a con man turned FBI consultant who can give Barney Stinson a run for his money in the suiting up department. He is also the only man in existence capable of pulling off a fedora. There are other characters, sure, but, well...

I rest my case. It took me two weekends to go through three seasons. If you haven't seen it yet, your timer starts now.

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