The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

I have been having hair issues since I moved here. Maybe it's the water, maybe it's the weather, but most likely it's the lack of haircuts and hair treatments. Back in the Philippines if I wanted to buy a magazine I'd go get a haircut instead; for the same price (okay, maybe a tad bit more) I get to read a ton of magazines with free milk tea and a healthier mane to boot. But alas, I cannot do so here. 

For the past year my hair has been so stressed it began forming split ends. I have very fine hair, so I never really had split ends. Ever. Until now. So naturally I panicked, and one day I just ended up with this:

It's a tiny bottle of Macadamia Oil Treatment. There was a promotional sale at Sasa, and that's my justification. It contains macadamia nut oil (duh) and also argan oil. I've only ever heard good things about argan oil, but as my hair is pretty much volume-free and gets greasy very easily I've always hesitated to try it. Supposedly the mixture of the two is more lightweight, so it works for even super fine hair. But even so I had concerns about applying oil to my very limp hair, chief of which is having Snape hair by midday. So instead of putting a few drops on damp hair as per the instructions, I just mixed it in with my conditioner. I'm sure I must've stumbled upon the idea via some YouTube video or blog or something.

The Good

+ Holy crap, it works! The one sure way to tell if my hair is on its deathbed is by running my fingers through it - if they get to the very end then it's fine, if they end up trapped in a crazy tangled mass of knotted hair it's most definitely doomsday. The latter is how my hair was before I started using this treatment; after just two or three uses it was back to the former. I've never actually had results from at-home hair treatments that fast. Plus, my hair felt really soft.

+ A little goes a long way - I use two to three drops mixed in with a lump of conditioner, and the tiny bottle lasted me almost two months. But then again I don't have a lot of hair.

+ It smells pretty nice. Sort of like coconut oil, nothing artificial or anything.

The Bad

+ My hair still gets frizzy here and there. Blame it on the humidity.

+ I did not notice any significant reduction to my drying time, which it claims to "miraculously" cut in half.

+ It's in a glass bottle, which is so not ideal since I use it in the shower. I'm always afraid it'd slip through my hands and shatter and all that goodness would just go down the drain.

The Ugly

+ It's expensive for a teeny tiny bottle. I got it on sale but I think I still paid 20+ SGD for it. Although I did get results, I'm not entirely convinced that it's worth repurchasing.

+ The results didn't last. The moment I ran out of it, my hair went back to bird's nest mode. Gah.

It's definitely worth looking into, but as it is quite pricey I'm off to try new things first, and then let's see if I come back to this.

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