Japanese DIY Gummy Candy Madness

Lookie what I found!!!

Actually the boyfriend found it, and because he has seen me watch the RRcherrypie videos over and over again, we decided to get a couple of boxes tee hee. They're by a Japanese brand called Kracie (which I think also produces skincare) and this particular series is called Popin' Cookin'. It's basically DIY candy stuff in all sorts of shapes and themes and cute stuff that only the Japanese are capable of cooking up. I would have bought them all if they weren't so incredibly marked up - the Japan price is printed on the box so there's no way to hide it.

We really wanted to try the sushi set, but we had to preorder it, so we did this one first:

It's just plain old DIY gummy candy. Nothing fancy.

You just create gummy candy with nothing but water and some powders and a (pink) straw. My eyes might have bulged out of their sockets and I might have exclaimed "whoa" a couple of times, but really, it was a bore :p

It even comes with a fluffy foamy pink dipping sauce, just in case the gummy candy isn't cool enough for you.

The next day I practically ran home so I can try the sushi set!

You get everything you need out of the box - powders, mixing trays, droppers, and even patterns for the rice balls.

How the white powder turned into something so very rice-like is beyond my very elementary chem skills.

The instructions were in Japanese, so we followed RRcherrypie's video instead. It's just a bit of an ego hit to see him (them?) do it with so much ease, and here I am with a sushi that is about to fall apart.

But they turned out pretty decent, yes? And look, it even comes with "soy sauce". But of course.

As fun as they were to make, though, they were a bit of a chore to eat - they taste like grape-flavored candies gone wrong. But it's not like you buy these things because you want to eat them, right? 

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