Cebu + Bohol: A Photodump

As much as I wanted to discover everything Cebu and Bohol has to offer, I'm not crazy about doing it by myself. I guess that makes me the worst tourist ever, but I really think half the fun in traveling is the company. Or at least that's my excuse for not getting anywhere (coupled with the fact that my schedule was really alanganin). 

No direct flight from Singapore to Bohol, so I had to take the red-eye flight to Cebu. A couple of hours before I had a verrrrry disappointing apartment viewing (I almost burst into tears when I saw the house - it was that fug) so I was a haggard mess by the time I reached the airport because I only had a couple of minutes to pack. Thank goodness for web check-in (which is now free, by the way, whereas before you had to use the seat selector which has an additional charge).

I was expecting a delay, as it seems to be a normal occurence for flights scheduled at this hour, and it was actually fine, because I had absolutely nothing to do when I get to Cebu except wait for the ferry. But surprise, surprise, we were half an hour early. Half an hour! So I proceeded to the pier, because the ate who sold me load told me it was already open.

Pocket Planes!
And guess what? It's not. I had to wait for almost an hour outside the ticket gates. A bit scary, I have to say. It finally opened around 5am, so I promptly lined up, but when I got to the counter, the kuya told me they were not yet selling tickets to Bohol; I had to wait an hour more. But since I was already there (and I was cute a hot mess), he decided to process my request anyway. Whew. So I headed to the huge waiting area, and there was nobody there save for the staff. Nobody. 

 To be fair, there's a therapeutic massage service and even mani/pedi!

After what seemed like decades, we finally boarded the ferry. 

It's actually quite nice inside. I was a bit surprised, to be honest. 

Dozed off the minute my ass hit the chair. After that it was just an overpriced cab ride to the resort. 

So thankful they let me check-in early, because I was crazy sleepy. Promptly dozed off, but not before dumping my entire kikay kit onto the vanity.

I packed in a hurry, so everything just kinda went in. 

My officemates arrived around 3 or 4, so there very little time to visit places. We had lunch, if you could still call it that, at Bohol Bee Farm. 

I think they grow most of the food they serve, so I took the opportunity to load up on veggies (plus my carnivore of a boyfriend wasn't there teehee). But the highlight is dessert, which is a surprise because I don't really have a sweet tooth. But look at the flavors!

It's 60PHP for two scoops. Reasonable, considering it's homemade. I knew I wanted to try Spicy Ginger when I saw it. I considered to finish off with malunggay, but I ended up being a tad bit more safe and ended up with mango. Ho-hum. But the Spicy Ginger ice cream was amazingly yummy - so good I wanted to turn the van around and get myself another scoop (or two).

After that we went to some cave and the shell museum. Which would be interesting if you were into shells. Me, not so much, although I did exclaim "Fibonacci!" when I saw this nautilus.

They do have tons of items for sale (you can imagine this is when my eyes started to light up), but I tried to behave myself and got only three bangles.

I usually don't wear bangles because my wrists are insanely small, but somehow these fit perfectly.

We returned to the resort for dinner. Crispy Pata! This trip is complete. 

The next day was the wedding day. No pictures because I'm lazy, and seriously why bother when everyone else has a camera?  

The reception was a lesson on the power of a jinx - I swear the moment the host blurted out "You're so blessed! See, it's not raining!" nimbus clouds just started forming spontaneously. I mean seriously, why would you say that? Thankfully we were able to do the Tangled lantern thing before the jinx took effect, because it was amazing. 

The next day I had to catch the 10:30 ferry back to Cebu, so there was no more time to get around. So no Chocolate Hills. And no tarsiers. Heartbreak. And then, the only place I visited in Cebu was SM. Hrrmmnmnm. But hey Ian Somerhalder was there.

And what better way to cap off a trip to the Philippines than Jollibee Chickenjoy? 

Obviously the trip was a total failure in terms of touristy things, but hey, it was for the wedding more than anything. Next time I'll be back with a vengeance ;)

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