Franc Franc!

I'm on a serious blog backlog, but I've just been so crazy busy with the move and all (more on that in a later post).

Anyway, Franc Franc opened in Vivo City a couple of weeks ago, and I just had to come visit because I've been missing Japan lately.

Franc Franc is a Japanese store full of random nifty things. Or at least that was how I remembered it.

I do not get the giant chairs at the entrance, though.

They had an assortment of really lovely home scents, like this one in Ginger and White Tea.

I swear it smells exactly like Ion Orchard.

It also came in Verbena Leaf. Ayaw ni Ian Somerhalder :p

I am loving the different sizes and colors of the drawers. And it also comes in teal!

Franc Franc always had brightly-colored kitchen stuff, and this branch did not disappoint.

They also have it in Tangerine Tango, if you're not too fond of pink.

I wasn't kidding when I said random things - they even have charcoal. For 12 SGD a piece!

Pentagon and octagon chopsticks. I never knew people actually paid attention to the number of chopstick surfaces, but apparently it matters. 

They also had these ultra-thin glasses produced with the same technology used in manufacturing lightbulbs.

And they also had these babies. Oh my goodness, these things. They scare the hell out of me.

I used to have one of these metal penholders. You clip it onto your notebook so you have a slot for your pen. Nifty right?

Stickers! Random off-topic thought: When I was in Grade 1 we were not allowed to buy these stickers because supposedly they were used to trade drugs (!). Like, I had a couple and they were confiscated. WTH.

Adorable baby pandas! Not sure what this thing is for, though. 

The pig mug :D

And here the boyfriend demonstrates.

These monogrammed mugs are a great gift idea. Although admittedly the packaging is prettier than the mug itself :p

And there is so much more stuff! This doesn't even cover a quarter of the things they have for sale. 

But I am proud to say that the only thing I brought home with me is...

An umbrella! And only because I need a non-folding one for really heavy rain. To be honest I was a bit shocked at how expensive the stuff was. But then I remembered that all the Franc Franc stores I ever visited in Japan were in outlet malls. Whoops. :p

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