(Non) Friday Favorites: Travel Edition

My apologies for the lack of posts. I'm moving to my new place (yay!) soon, and given the amount of stuff I have managed to accumulate you can imagine how crazy things have been going.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I went back to the Philippines to attend a wedding. It's not everyday that two people you've been friends with at different stages of your life - she was my dorm mate in college, he was my batchmate and projectmate in my previous company - tie the knot. So despite the fact that at that point in time I was virtually homeless (my lease is about to expire and I have yet to find a place to move), no way was I going to miss it.

The wedding was held in Bohol, and unfortunately for me, there are no direct flights from here so I had to go to Cebu and take the ferry to Tagbilaran. It was way too much travel and waiting time for such a short distance - I left Singapore at midnight, and it was past noon when I collapsed into my hotel bed - and in the process I discovered a couple of things that from now on I am never going to travel without.

It's a bit clunky and weighty (and yes, pricey), but when you find yourself in a toilet stall with no hooks or platform to rest your bag on, you'll be glad to have a Clipa with you.

Instant toilet door hook!

This is actually my gift to le BF, but he insisted I bring it with me, and thank goodness he did! Red-eye flight, a dozen screaming kids, a handful of babies, and a heavily snoring kuya on the seat behind mine. End of story.

Bare MineralsNatural Sunscreen SPF30
It's a proud little multitasker - it provides sun protection, it eliminates the shine, and it even gives a bit of coverage. While I wouldn't rely on this to protect me from UV rays, say, on the beach, I think it's sufficient for normal use. The bonus is, it's not a liquid or gel, so you can stash it in your carry-on bag. The attached brush is actually pretty great (and soft!), and the finish is very natural - it doesn't cake at all - which is perfect for on-the-go application (yes, even without a mirror).

Kindle 3G
Whether you're lost, or just looking for places to eat at the last minute, you'll be glad to have that slow clunky (but free!) web browser.

Note: I can browse the web for free in the Philippines, but in Singapore it seems to have been disabled. Hmmph. Go figure.

Giant sweater
Emphasis on the term giant, because you want a sweater you can wrap your entire self in when the cabin temperature starts to dip. At first I thought all airlines provided blankets, but that was when I was spoiled by business trips via JAL. I have since woken up to the harsh harsh reality that PAL flight attendants whisk your blanket away an hour before landing, and that budget airlines don't even have blankets at all x.x

Travel Pillow
I actually don't own one yet, which is insane considering how yammered my neck gets after a long trip (and how much I envy people who had the foresight to bring one). So next trip I'll definitely have a travel pillow smooshed inside my schlepping bag, I promise. Most probably in pink :p

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