Two weeks later

As of right now I am 90% settled into my new quarters; when I will reach a full hundred (if at all) I will never know. It's a very troublesome thing, moving. This is my first time to deal with expiring leases and property agents and looking for rental flats online, and it's no fun at all. Before finding this gem of an apartment (read: cheap and inhabitable) I was stressed out for weeks - every morning when I wake up my first thought is "I am going to be homeless at the end of the month".

I'd say I found this house by accident, but that just sounds so cliche. It's true, though. Why I was searching for a six-bedroom units I could not for the life of me remember, but somehow I managed to find one for rent, with four bathrooms to boot. I sent the link to my officemate, captioned with "What's the catch?", and that same afternoon we found ourselves viewing this monstrous flat with, yes, six bedrooms - two masters, four common rooms, and even a maid's room (with windows!) - and no conceivable catch. To be honest up until my first night here I was still convinced the whole thing is a hoax.

The first time I moved, all I had to do was call a cab. This time I had to rent a truck. Just a tiny one, but still. It's appalling how much junk I've managed to accumulate in a year.

The apartment is unfurnished, so I had to buy a bed. Fortunately, moving day coincided with the Ikea sale *big grin*. 

I was resigned to getting the simplest of beds - no headboard, no details, no nothing. But when we tried to purchase it a week before the move, I was informed that if the target delivery date was more than three days from the point of sale I had to pay 20 dollars per item per day! For storage! Crazy, yes? So I went back a couple of days later, and lo and behold.

So that tiny bit of annoyance worked out for the best. ^^

My room is still a work in progress - I am hoping to upgrade my (very cramped) budget workstation when my finances allow it - but I am quite pleased with how everything worked out.
(Side note: I said almost the exact same thing when I moved to my former apartment).

Plus, I have these huge huge windows and every morning I wakeup to this awesome view of... construction sites!

And they're nowhere near completion (2015, according to the posters), so I guess the drapes shall remain closed for my entire stay here.

The balcony view is not too bad, though.

Yep, not bad at all.

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