Happy Birthday

To one of life's best surprises ^^


I should consider changing this blog's title to Tangerine Noise?

Chicas to the Front

After the massive 1990 earthquake, my mom became very praning about us going to movie houses. Maybe some people got trapped inside a theater or something, but for the longest time we were not allowed a glimpse of the big screen.

Until one fine day, seven years later, we were finally, finally allowed to go see one movie. Guess which one?

It's quite a nostalgic delight seeing them together again, a decade and a half later, in the London Olympics closing ceremonies.

Wasn't so fond of her before, but damn, Midnight Miss Suki is the bomb.

Japanese Randomness

I miss Japan. It's not home, but it has a special place in my heart. Lately I've been stumbling upon the most random Japan-related things.

Starting with this video.

Cover of Kamikaze's Narda by a Japanese band. At first I thought they did it in Japanese, but no! It's in Filipino! Still trying to get my head wrapped around this one.

And then this appears on my Twitter feed:

Oh. My. God. *jaw drops*
It's Michael Joe (...joe...joe)!!! Apparently he has a Filipina wife and resides in the Philippines. And damn, did he age well. I wonder how Princess Iyaru is doing. Still trapped in that block of ice maybe?

Last but not least, something I nabbed from the drugstore:

Because there has to be a product geared specifically towards your every need. In this case, stray hairs escaping from your ponytail.

It tames baby hairs instantly, which has always been my problem when putting my hair up.

And, well, it's pink! Because things don't just have to be functional, they have to be kawaii too. 

Aftermath? Not Quite.

I always seem to be elsewhere when a flood hits Manila. When Ondoy struck I was in Tokyo; this time I am under the punishing heat of the sun in Singapore (as an officemate remarked, if only we could remit the sunshine to the Philippines).

It's a different kind of crazy, watching the horror unfurl from afar, knowing you can do nothing. It nearly drove me nuts trying to get hold of friends and family scattered across the country, unsure of where they are, if they are safe or needing help.

And just when I thought I can sleep easy tonight, the rain has apparently made a comeback. Hold on tight, everyone. This too shall pass.

Credits: waterproofph.tumblr.com

Swedish Apartment Therapy

Ah, Ikea, home of pretty things I could not assemble, with names I could not pronounce. I had no intention of turning my room into something straight out of an Ikea catalogue, but it sorta kinda turned out that way.

Let's start with the bed.

Have I mentioned how much I love my bed? It was a bitch to assemble, and the white cover is a dust magnet, but it's the comfiest thing.

Plus, it has all this storage space underneath.

I got a mattress pad because the only (cheap) mattress thick enough for the bed had springs, and they give me bruises (princess of the pea ang peg :p).

I wish I could say the Ikea obsession ends right here, but, well, there's the rest of the room.

And my vanity.

And every other nook and cranny. 

Maybe I should at least try to shop elsewhere :p