Japanese Randomness

I miss Japan. It's not home, but it has a special place in my heart. Lately I've been stumbling upon the most random Japan-related things.

Starting with this video.

Cover of Kamikaze's Narda by a Japanese band. At first I thought they did it in Japanese, but no! It's in Filipino! Still trying to get my head wrapped around this one.

And then this appears on my Twitter feed:

Oh. My. God. *jaw drops*
It's Michael Joe (...joe...joe)!!! Apparently he has a Filipina wife and resides in the Philippines. And damn, did he age well. I wonder how Princess Iyaru is doing. Still trapped in that block of ice maybe?

Last but not least, something I nabbed from the drugstore:

Because there has to be a product geared specifically towards your every need. In this case, stray hairs escaping from your ponytail.

It tames baby hairs instantly, which has always been my problem when putting my hair up.

And, well, it's pink! Because things don't just have to be functional, they have to be kawaii too. 

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