Swedish Apartment Therapy

Ah, Ikea, home of pretty things I could not assemble, with names I could not pronounce. I had no intention of turning my room into something straight out of an Ikea catalogue, but it sorta kinda turned out that way.

Let's start with the bed.

Have I mentioned how much I love my bed? It was a bitch to assemble, and the white cover is a dust magnet, but it's the comfiest thing.

Plus, it has all this storage space underneath.

I got a mattress pad because the only (cheap) mattress thick enough for the bed had springs, and they give me bruises (princess of the pea ang peg :p).

I wish I could say the Ikea obsession ends right here, but, well, there's the rest of the room.

And my vanity.

And every other nook and cranny. 

Maybe I should at least try to shop elsewhere :p

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