The Morning After

It's quite an apt description for a bag that was the culmination of a particularly shitty week and relentless online stalking. But no walk of shame for this one.

The Daily Face: Makeup

As obsessed as I am with makeup products, I try to keep my daily routine as minimal as possible. Emphasis on try. I have this weird belief that if I don't wear anything on my face when I leave the house I break out more because all that pollution goes straight to my pores. It's probably all in the head, but it manifests somehow.

I've been using pretty much the same things for the last couple of months. As with my skincare (a post on that here), once I found a routine that works I just stuck to it.


So this blog has been virtually dead the last couple of weeks; there was just too much going on - a hastily finalized trip to Bali (booked a year ago, but was in constant jeopardy of not pushing through), a last-minute one-day trip home the weekend after, and work in between all of it. I am ashamed to admit that to this day I have not yet finished unpacking my bags for *both* trips. The horror. But in my defense I went back to work immediately after. No rest for the weary.

But anyway. Bali.