The Daily Face: Makeup

As obsessed as I am with makeup products, I try to keep my daily routine as minimal as possible. Emphasis on try. I have this weird belief that if I don't wear anything on my face when I leave the house I break out more because all that pollution goes straight to my pores. It's probably all in the head, but it manifests somehow.

I've been using pretty much the same things for the last couple of months. As with my skincare (a post on that here), once I found a routine that works I just stuck to it.

I don't use a primer because my skin hates silicones and I don't really find that they do anything for me. Besides, a good moisturizer often doubles as a primer already. I ran out of the Boscia gel, and I didn't want to repurchase that because it just ran out so quickly, so I went back to MAC moisturizers which have yet to fail me. I just wish they did away with the jar packaging.

Love the moisturizer, hate the packaging

For the longest time I've been obsessed with finding the perfect foundation - I have more than a couple of bottles shamefully stashed away in a makeup drawer, never to be used again. I dabbled with mineral makeup, BB creams, and Japan-made powder foundations, but what I find works for me really well is liquid formulations. For the last couple of months I have been totally smitten with Estee Lauder Double Wear Light. It's easy to apply, provides decent coverage, and lasts the entire day.

While I'm not exactly super pale, I have a tendency to look pasty. In an attempt to look a bit more alive I splurged, during a particularly low-EQ moment, on Chanel Bronze Universel. It's actually not that pricey (compared to other popular bronzers, at least) if you consider the insane amount of product you get. I actually wish it came in a smaller pot because no way will I be able to finish this in 18 months.

I'm a total bronzer noob, but this is easy enough to work with. Make sure you use a good quality brush, though, preferably one that does not shed so much unless you want goat hair permanently embedded in your bronzer. I use a Sigma angled kabuki and just do a quick E-3 on my face. It can be alarmingly dark at first, but once you buff it in it blends in seamlessly.

In hot and humid Singapore there is no way I am leaving the house without setting powder. The best I've found is Dior Nude Glow Powder. It's technically not a setting powder, but it provides too little coverage to be used alone (for me at least). The finish is great - almost a bit glowy but completely devoid of shimmer. It's also surprisingly effective in oil-control - something I only realized when I tried to switch to other products and find myself whipping out the blotting sheets two hours later.

While NARS Desire and Exhibit A are still my favorite blushes, I tend to use Gaiety on a daily basis - it's less pigmented so there are less chances of screwing up, which is perfect for when you're in a hurry.

I am a lazy ass when it comes to brow maintenance, but I do try to give them a semblance of shape. I use a brow powder because it looks more natural (to me, at least). I use a travel-sized MAC 266 which is terrible for liner (it looks nothing like the full-sized 266!), but is perfect for brows. I've tried gels and pencils and things, but for years and years I kept coming back to my trusty L'oreal palette. It's just the perfect shade of brown - not too warm that it becomes so glaringly obvious, but not Frida Kahlo dark either.

I recently purchased MAC Concrete as a replacement after the palette got unhinged and is threatening to give up the ghost, and it's performing pretty well.

I recently switched to Shiseido lash curler after years of allegiance to Shu Uemura. While I do think the latter curls better, I do think this one fits my eye shape better. For mascara, Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus is still the best in my book. Yes, removal is a nightmare, but it remains to be the only one that can survive my extremely oily lids - the curl is still intact with zero smudges at the end of the day.

I wasn't really big on lipsticks because they'd just disappear along with my first cup of coffee, but I've been on a lip product craze the last couple of months. My current favorites are NARS Napoli, which is a my-lips-but-better shade, and Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Romance, a really pretty pink. I also love Make Up Forever's Aqua Rouge in #15. It looks light in the tube but is considerably darker on.

I wanna say my entire morning routine takes just five minutes, but I think it's closer to ten or fifteen. I also realize that most of the stuff I use are high-end products. I wish I used more drugstore stuff (and so does my wallet) but, well, this is what works for me, and right now I'm not too big on changing things up. But we'll see.

Vanity pic, just because :p


  1. Ang creative ng nakaisip ng name nung mac charged water. Parang gusto mo talagang bilhin.

    My eyes are on that bronzer though.

  2. when do you shop???? why don't you make me sama???!! i need new make up - basics lang, cos i've maxxed out my lippie and eye mook up quotas