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This is probably the only day of the year when I'm up earlier than I should be on a work day, so I thought I'd resurrect this blog. So thank you, jetlag.

I've been shipped off to Germany for a two-month (and then some) business trip, and while I am not at all complaining, it made the last couple of weeks a bit frenetic, culminating in a flurry of panic-packing four hours before my flight. Thankfully I made it to the airport in one piece, but not with a few minor casualties (read: forgetting my glasses and a couple other minor things).

The twelve-hour flight was uneventful, thank goodness. I have to mention that the Qantas flight I was on had an almost all-male cabin crew, and they were all wonderfully nice. A couple of times I actually believed they were being rude when they were actually just kidding.

From Frankfurt we took a cab to Babenhausen, which is where our office is located. The driver sped through the expressway (no speed limits, I believe) which is always awesome. Our hotel is this small, family-run affair. I forgot to print out my reservation, and the owner told me, "well, you can't get a room!" Of course he was kidding, but I wasn't aware of it until he laughed. I guess over the last couple of months I've slowly but surely accepted the belief that people can be just plain rude.

After settling down we decided to burn the thousand-calorie hotel breakfast (which shall be a separate post) by exploring the town. On a bike built for Germans (read: a bike I am just too short for).

Notice the tippy toes

Babenhausen is such a quaint little town, straight out of the pages of a story book.

There is obviously so much more to explore, but maybe next time I'll walk ;)

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