Sikreto ng mga Gwapo

I know everyone is so over that Bayo ad, but this suddenly came to mind this morning, as I was in the middle of debugging (go figure the train of thought that goes from circuits to this). At any rate, it has to be shared.

Warning: The audio quality is abysmal.

If you can't be bothered to listen, I'll let you in on the important lines:
Half-Italian, One-fourth German, one-eighth Ilongga ang nanay ko!
We're missing the remaining eighth, but see, Rico Yan had his numbers right. :p

Happy Shiny New Things

No explanation required :p

Bright and cheery summer stuff
Kate Spade Tangerine Tango

SK-II Overload!

The Daily Face: Skincare

I don't really have sensitive skin. Let's just say it's a bit particular with the things it gets slathered with. For example, it hates chemical sunscreens and benzoyl peroxide. It also lives under the delusion that I am capable of crapping money and as such my skincare budget knows no bounds. I have repeatedly tried switching to more affordable products, but it always reacts with a vengeance, and I end up spending more money trying to placate it. My skin is also as moody as I am - sometimes dry and flaky, sometimes oily, and just when I think it's being all nice and well-behaved, it breaks out with so much violence you'd think I doused it with muriatic acid or something.

Now is one of those I've-got-my-skin-under-control days. It doesn't happen very often, so I think it's worth noting (and sharing) the things I've been using.

Japanese DIY Gummy Candy Madness

Lookie what I found!!!

Actually the boyfriend found it, and because he has seen me watch the RRcherrypie videos over and over again, we decided to get a couple of boxes tee hee. They're by a Japanese brand called Kracie (which I think also produces skincare) and this particular series is called Popin' Cookin'. It's basically DIY candy stuff in all sorts of shapes and themes and cute stuff that only the Japanese are capable of cooking up. I would have bought them all if they weren't so incredibly marked up - the Japan price is printed on the box so there's no way to hide it.

That damn Bayo ad

It sure had me occupied for a while there.

The very first thought that popped up in my head when I saw this: How in the world can you be 30% one race and 70% another? How?!? If your lola is, say, Chinese, and everyone else is Pinoy, you'd be 25% Chinese. If it's your great grand lola, 12.5%. If it's two of your great grand lolas, then it's back to 25%. It may have kinda driven me nuts, as my math skills are quite rusty, so I had no choice but to take my problem to Twitter.

Thankfully, I'm from Pisay. And that means I have smart high school batchmates haha :p. I had an answer within minutes, thanks to math genius Chris (who blogs here). If we were to assume that the Bayo people rounded off, then it would take a minimum of five generations. But wait, there's more! There's an illustration! XD

Ah, finally, peace of mind.
Now let's do 80% - 20%? :p

NARS Isdatchu?

I was checking out this newly-launched makeup brand that has been getting a bit of buzz lately, and something caught my eye.

These lipstick names are a little bit too familiar, no?

Oh, hi there, Nars.
To be fair, the colors are quite different. But I'm sure there is no shortage of creative lippie names.
Just saying.

Full Fat Cooking: Salted Egg Things

I blame Marketman for this. After reading this post I could not stop thinking about salted egg prawns. And crabs. And fried rice.

Fortunately I live two bus stops away from the enormous Fairprice Xtra, so it's easy to get (relatively) fresh seafood. You can even get live ones, but the logistics of bringing them home is something I refuse to deal with.

Wherever there's an aquarium, that's where I'll be

The frozen seafood section has its good days and bad, and at the time of shopping the crabs looked a bit suspicious so I got prawns instead. These were promptly deveined, with the whiskers trimmed, but the shell left intact. The easiest way to do this is with kitchen shears - just slide one blade between the head and the body and snip away towards the tail. A knife is just too risky because the shells are slippery. Anyway, after cleaning I dunked the shrimp into some flour mixed with salt and paprika - only because I ran out of cayenne pepper - and deep fried them.

I am actually perfectly happy to start eating at this point, but the curry leaves and salted egg would go to waste. Speaking of, I have never tried purchasing salted duck eggs before, and here they were quite different. Back in the Philippines salted eggs are a gleaming pink with food coloring; here they're a creepy black.

More accurately, they're covered in sand (?), which explains the individual plastic bags. I don't know what the sand is for, exactly, but it's annoying to have to wash it off. Ick.

The second surprise is: it's not yet cooked! I've only ever seen cooked salted eggs. So imagine my surprise when I cracked one open and the gloopy whites started oozing out. Thankfully the yolk is one solid orange mass so it's easy to pick out. It's recommended to steam the yolk prior to use, but I used them raw because I'm lazy like that.

After deep frying the shrimp, I sautéed some garlic and onions in a bit of olive oil, added tons of chili leaves (because the smallest packet in the store had a LOT of leaves), mixed in half a stick of butter, and then added the yolk. It makes this most interesting bubbly frothy thing.

And it smells divine. You can pour the sauce on top of the fried shrimp, but I did it the other way around because it looks more photogenic :p

This is just too cholesterol-laden to go wrong. Although for next time, I am toying with the idea of a salted egg batter instead of a sauce, and to use naked (peeled) shrimps. We'll see.

Since the prawns were successful it's time to try it with crabs. Marketman suggests deep-frying them in lard, but that's a bit too terrifying for me (my face tends to attract boiling hot oil). So I just boiled some flower crabs instead. I let them cool for a bit and then opened them up, split the body in two, and dunked them into the sauce.

This is what happens when you don't steam the yolk and you don't mix the sauce thoroughly - you get huge salted egg bits. But no complaints because it's just as yummy. Sigh.

After this I'm certainly up to my ears in cholesterol. Must go back to oven toaster veggies.

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment

I have been having hair issues since I moved here. Maybe it's the water, maybe it's the weather, but most likely it's the lack of haircuts and hair treatments. Back in the Philippines if I wanted to buy a magazine I'd go get a haircut instead; for the same price (okay, maybe a tad bit more) I get to read a ton of magazines with free milk tea and a healthier mane to boot. But alas, I cannot do so here. 

For the past year my hair has been so stressed it began forming split ends. I have very fine hair, so I never really had split ends. Ever. Until now. So naturally I panicked, and one day I just ended up with this:

It's a tiny bottle of Macadamia Oil Treatment. There was a promotional sale at Sasa, and that's my justification. It contains macadamia nut oil (duh) and also argan oil. I've only ever heard good things about argan oil, but as my hair is pretty much volume-free and gets greasy very easily I've always hesitated to try it. Supposedly the mixture of the two is more lightweight, so it works for even super fine hair. But even so I had concerns about applying oil to my very limp hair, chief of which is having Snape hair by midday. So instead of putting a few drops on damp hair as per the instructions, I just mixed it in with my conditioner. I'm sure I must've stumbled upon the idea via some YouTube video or blog or something.

Friday Favorites: Three Musketeers!

I saw this in Value Dollar and could not resist bringing home a pack.

I don't have much of a sweet tooth - my comfort food is french fries and potato chips, not ice cream and cake - but this I love.

I guess it's because it's free of nougat and nuts and caramel and raisins and all the crazy stuff they bombard the chocolate bar with. It's pure unadulterated fluffy chocolate-y goodness.

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

And hey, it's only 70 calories a bar, not that I'm counting or anything, but it lessens the guilt haha :p