Petite Cherie by Annick Goutal

Iced pears and sparkling peaches. That's what came to mind when I caught a whiff of this perfume.

Annick Goutal created Petite Cherie as a gift to her daughter, hence the name. With notes of pear and peach and cut grass (!), it's fresh and clean and just a teeny bit mischievous.

I stalked it for days before making the purchase because it's so bloody expensive. So first I made sure it agrees with my body chemistry by road-testing a couple of spritzes from the department store tester under the blistering Singapore heat.

See that's the thing about perfumes, it's not enough that you love them, you have to wait and see if they love you back. Thankfully this one did, as I imagine it would be positively heartbreaking to have something that smells so wonderful suddenly turn offensive on me. And because I'm trying to be well-behaved these days I waited until my next visit to Changi Airport before I took the plunge (if I remember correctly it's almost 50SGD cheaper which is just insane).

It's not everyday you meet a scent that makes you smile, much more so one that smiles back. And for this, I am thankful :)

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