Friday Favorites: Comfort Food

Friday nights have always been my "me" nights. I normally cook something a bit more special than my daily fare - usually a nice fat steak or a couple of equally fat female crabs - and happily gobble it all up while watching a movie. But lately I've been under the weather - cough and colds and exhaustion and AirPhil stress (coming soon: long and rambling blog post on this) and all that. So today it's comfort food.

There is no other food I miss more than tuyo (dried fish). My mother would always make sure we have ample stock in our pantry whenever I go home. Rice and tuyo and spicy vinegar and I'm a happy happy camper. So imagine my glee when I found bottled "gourmet" tuyo being sold at FairPrice. This has got to be the culinary invention of the century - it can travel anywhere, extends the shelf life, and eliminates the risk of alienating your neighbors (tuyo is known to freak the unfamiliar out). I got myself two bottles because I'm a hoarder like that.

Sniffles have a way of triggering chicken soup cravings, so today I made what I hope would pass for arroz caldo. I had some leftover baked chicken (chicken breasts pounded flat, marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, brown sugar, and garlic, and baked in an oven toaster for 20 minutes - easy peasy), so I just sauteed that with ginger and garlic, added some brown rice and chicken stock, and did my laundry (brown rice takes forever to cook).

A couple of tuyo flakes, crispy fried ginger, and a dash or two of balsamic vinegar and we're in business. ^^

Here's hoping for a relaxed and uneventful weekend. :)

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