Friday Favorites: Nimble Quest

If, like me, you're getting fed up with Candy Crush (read: hopelessly stuck in Level 97), here's a new iOS game for you.

From the same dudes who gave us Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, it has kept me glued to my phone for hours since I downloaded it - no need to ask people to send you lives, no need to wait for planes to land and building stocks to get sold out. Needless to say, it's bound to make anyone hopelessly unproductive so if you have some deadline to beat then by all means stay away.

The gameplay takes from that cellphone game we have all learned to love - Snake. I was pretty bummed when Nokia decided to drop it from their budget phones, so you can imagine my excitement over this!

Instead of, ermm, black dots you get tiny cute little heroes, and instead of "eating" blinking black dots you're actually out to kill, well, other cute little people who happen to be the enemy. And also some vermin and skeletons and zombies and stuff.

Each hero has a different ability, but there's no description so you just have to figure it out during gameplay. (Edit: There is a description, you just have to tap the tiny "i" beside the character in the selection panel) You get new heroes after clearing a certain level, and you get to select the "head" of your snake from your current roster (you gain more heroes during gameplay). My current favorite is Arcane, but I guess that's because she (he?) is my newest addition (I've only made it to the dungeon so far).

Happy Easter weekend everyone :)

P.S. There's also a Mac application. There's no sync feature, though. Or at least not yet.

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