Friday Favorites: Sephora Body Butter in Toffee

One word: noms.

I'm not so big on sweet scents (and body butters in humid weather), but this just smells so incredibly awesome.

If you're familiar with St. Peter's butter ball candies (ah, the sweets of my childhood), that is exactly what it smells like - yummy creamy caramel goodness. And unlike other body butters that can be quite thick and greasy (Body Shop, I am looking at you), Sephora body butters are lighter and easily absorbed but still hydrating.

It also comes in a couple of other scents, in case you're not fond of butter ball candies (but how can you not be?!?). But really, it's a gorgeous, gorgeous body butter.

P.S. Sephora is having a 10% off sale in celebration of women's day, so it's the perfect time to check it out (but please leave some for meeeeee)

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