Quick Stop: Malaysia Truly Asia

I have been in Singapore for almost two years now (that was pretty damn fast, I must say), but I have never set foot in Malaysia until a week ago, which is a shame considering it's right next door. But I guess that's the thing with nearby places; they always get overlooked because you figure you can always go there anytime.

Luckily the boyfriend had a two-week business trip to Kuala Lumpur, so I had the perfect excuse to visit. However, I had to be home for a very unfortunate family emergency, so I ended up staying for less than a day. I was also in no state for sightseeing; I was tired, frazzled, and I've been traveling for what seemed like years - after the four hour plane ride I hopped onto a bus which, though comfy, took a solid five hours.

Thankfully the boyfriend knew exactly how to cheer me up. I'm not at all difficult to please, but there are a few things that are guaranteed to make me smile. One of them is aquariums.

Aquaria is located in the basement of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC). It's not the biggest aquarium out there (nor the most creatively-named), but it's pretty decent. They had a couple of sharks and really huge groupers (nothing unique, but wonderful to look at), and they had a tank with fish from the Amazon, which is always a favorite.

I really want a pet arapaima
The weirdly adorable tiny turtle (look closely to see how small it is compared to my phone)
We also caught the piranha-feeding session (no arapaima feeding on Sundays, tsk) which threw me off tilapia forever. And the fish they eat has been cleaned and is blood-free so it's nothing exciting.

After that I was ready to call it a day. I did pay a courtesy call to the Petronas Towers, but to be honest I enjoyed watching the Megastructures episode more than seeing the actual building. Besides, why waste time taking pictures of something so heavily photographed by everyone else when you can go shopping instead? Which incidentally, is another thing that is guaranteed to cheer me up.

Malaysian shoe brand Vincci (aka VNC in Manila) was having a sale and I managed to snag a pair of beribboned flats for less than 40MYR.

I really wanted to buy two or three more pairs, because they were quite cheap, but I didn't find anything else I liked. It's a shame because a few years back this brand kept churning out tons of lust-worthy shoes. Anyway, I don't really mind because lookie what I found in Zara!

They're not exactly cheap, but how often do you come across really comfy five-inch platforms? I actually rushed to the store in the middle of dinner just so I could purchase them before I go back to SG (the price made me hesitate a bit).

It's not the most action-packed day, but considering the turn of events right before this trip, it was exactly what I needed. :)

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