This Week in Stress Shopping

Stressed, depressed, and AirPhil-expressed (read: screwed).
Yes, I rhyme now.

It all started with my Clarisonic Mia. After three and a half years of loyal service it decided to stop charging. In retrospect I should have taken care of it better; I had it in storage for more than a few months with the battery discharged and that couldn't be good (the recommended battery level for storage for most devices is around 70%, if you're wondering).

The Clarisonic is a double-edged sword - it cleans your pores, keeps acne at bay, but you have to keep using it. Stop for a while, and your pores get clogged like there's no tomorrow. So when bumps started to appear, I decided it's time to get a replacement.

I really intended to get the original Mia still, but Sephora doesn't have it anymore (or maybe it was out of stock, I'm not so certain). So, Mia2. In white this time, because it just looks clean and pretty and nice. Personally I find the "improvements" superficial at best; my face does not require two different speeds, and my original Mia traveled just fine without a case. However I do appreciate the timer. Maybe I'll do a comparison in a separate post.

Since I was using my 10% off voucher for the Clarisonic I tried to shop around for other things I might "need", but in the end I just settled with the Toffee body wash to match my body butter. I am obviously still very much obsessed with this scent. There's also a promotion for the L'oreal EverPure shampoo going on in Watson's, which was perfect because I just ran out and got my very first split end which I blame on the Body Shop shampoo I tried to substitute it with.

For some reason I felt like I needed a new eyebrow pencil (which I obviously didn't) so I got the Shu Uemura Hard 9 brow pencil in Seal Brown. It's a bit difficult to find brow products that are cool-toned, and warmer colors just look so unnatural on me. The pencil is sharpened in a very unique, almost old-school way - with razor blades! - but it gives you a good shape for filling in the brows. And if you ever need it sharpened you can just bring it back to the Shu Uemura counter and they'll do it for you for free.

Daiso is always brimming with nifty stuff. I must confess I've become a bit of a notebook snob ever since I discovered (or have been able to afford) Moleskines, but these are perfect for jotting down random stuff, as I am wont to do from time to time.

Plus, they have these zipped pockets at the back to hold even more random stuff (I find them especially useful for receipts).

I've been meaning to try the Perfect Look Skin Miracle from This Works ever since I saw it in Lisa Eldridge's channel (that woman can sell me anything), so when I saw it in Luxola I had to place an order. Luxola has been around for a couple of years now, I think, but I never really looked into them until now. They also carry Sleek, Sigma, Korres, and loads of other good stuff (like Tangle Teezers!). Plus they offer free (for a minimum purchase of 10 dollars which should not be difficult to achieve) next-day delivery in Singapore, which is always awesome. They also sent me some pretty generous Mario Badescu samples, even if I purchased just one item. So I am obviously very pleased.

I've fallen in love again with my old faithful. I still have a slight tan so my yellow undertones are a bit more pronounced, and there is no other foundation that matches me better than Nars Sheer Glow. Oh, and now you can purchase a pump, and although I initially balked at the ten dollar price tag (I really think it should be free, considering even cheap drugstore foundations have pumps), the bottle just gets really really filthy without it. Admittedly I miss the nice rectangular cap (it won't fit on top of the pump), but eh, it gets grubby really easily anyway.

So in conclusion, no more surprise purchases in the coming weeks for me. I hope wish promise.

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