A Little Bit of Pretty: Tom Ford

Confession: When I'm feeling blah I rummage through my makeup drawer to make myself feel better. What can I say, pretty things cheer me up. Especially if they belong to me. ^^

There's only been one actual smile on record, and that was Tom Ford in 2001.
- Nigel, The Devil Wears Prada

The launch of Tom Ford cosmetics generated a lot of buzz, but not enough for me to shell out seventy bucks on a tube of lipstick. Until now I still think it's crazy. But when the blushes started getting good reviews I was intrigued.

I'll be honest and admit that the colors, while gorgeous, are not unique by any stretch of the imagination. But goodness, look at that packaging.

Okay, so the brown velvet pouch looks like it was snipped from a sofa that has seen better days, but the case itself is right on the money.

I have it in the color 03 Flush, which is a corally watermelony shade.

Performance-wise it does not disappoint - it's fine-milled, pigmented, and is surprisingly long-wearing. You also get a whopping 8g of product (versus 6g from Mac and 4.8g from Nars), but it's not like I regularly hit pan on blushes so who am I kidding.

It's definitely a splurge, but you bet I'm smiling like crazy right now.

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