Late Night Obsession: Hakuhodo Brushes

While I cherished every single (shopping) moment in Japan, sometimes I feel I was there too early - I was still clueless about makeup, my idea of a "designer bag" is Nine West, and GPS was only present in cars (read: self-navigation can only be performed via actual physical maps which for the life of me I cannot decipher).

But then again it's a good thing, because had I known all the amazing stuff the land of the rising sun has to offer, I would've gone home absolutely penniless, with nothing to show for a year's worth of hardwork but boxes upon boxes of random but wonderful things. Like, say, Hakuhodo brushes.

Image credits: Hakuhodo

I have never lusted after makeup brushes so bad before. They're just so disgustingly gorgeous.

Japanese design aesthetic, check.
Japanese high-quality craftsmanship, check.
Japanese price point... oh boy.
The vermillion brush set above, from their flagship brush range, costs slightly more than a Canon Eos M mirrorless camera double lens kit. Kinda gives you a mini-heart attack doesn't it? Would it help if I mention the ferrules are 24-karat gold plated? No? Didn't think so.


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