Happy (Paranoia) Wednesday

I made brownies last weekend. Cream cheese brownies. Apart from the undissolved sugar crystals and uneven cream cheese distribution it was pretty damn good for a first-time baker, if I may say so myself. So good I forgot how cheese gives me terrible, terrible headaches.

On the third day of light-sensitivity and wanting to rip my eyeballs off their sockets - that would be yesterday - I decided to take a day off work and go visit the doctor. After a short lecture ("if it gives you migraines, stay away from dairy!") and a prescription for some pretty good painkillers, he tells me my blood pressure is "borderline". As in 140 over 90.


My normal blood pressure, as far as I know, is between 110 to 120 over 90. It even got as low as 90 over 60, but at that time I was skinny as a toothpick and I get fainting spells just by being on my feet for an hour. But 140? That is just waaaaaay too high. And with a family history of hypertension and diabetes (all four grandparents, thank you very much) it's very bad news.

The doctor did say it might just be because of the pain. Operative word: might. And me being me, I started to obsess with every little symptom that might be hypertension-related. I'm feeling dizzy - maybe it's hypertension. Is that heartburn? What if it's actually a heart attack? Why is it so hard to breathe? OMG am I dying?

So today I decided to get some peace of mind.

Le sphygmomanometer

Thank heavens for the Great Singapore Sale - 20% off on all blood pressure meters!

My (internet) research tells me that one way to reduce blood pressure is to lose weight. So in the interest of shedding fifteen pounds (or more, but let's not get carried away), I went ahead and bought the judgiest most horrible instrument ever invented.

Lotso is upset with his non-existent weight
People who regularly weigh themselves have a higher success rate of shedding pounds, according to some random article on a random health magazine. We'll see. To be honest I have no idea how I'm going to lose all that extra poundage, but admittedly a change in lifestyle is in order. I refuse to struggle with hypertension when I haven't even struck thirty yet.

Anyway, since I know stepping onto that scale is going to be traumatic, I had to get me something pretty to cheer myself up.

I never really gravitated towards Estee Lauder, because it seems to be geared towards a more mature clientele, but since here I am with hypertension and all I guess I belong to that group now. But look at this and tell me it ain't gorgeous.

Estee Lauder Pure Color blush in 21 Witty Peach
Sigh. It's so pretty I almost forgive them for the lousy brush.
I (obviously) haven't used it yet, but I'll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and I just measured my blood pressure with my spankin' new sphygmomanometer, and it's 110 over 70. Ah, well.

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