Hongkong Loot

I didn't know how much shopping I was in for until I posted the luggage I brought with me on Instagram, and received horrified comments from a couple of friends.

Apparently you're supposed to bring an empty luggage to Hongkong. Oops. But it's not like that stopped me.

I have been hearing good things about MAC Mehr, but it is not available in Singapore and it drove me nuts. So, being the crazy brat that I am, I had the boyfriend get it for me in Manila (with plenty of instructions, of course). It was a bit darker than I expected, but it's a very pretty pink.

I also had him get me a Beabi jewelry organizer so I have somewhere to put my baubles in when I travel. It's a nifty little thing with lots of fluffy pouches so your stuff don't scratch each other.

Anyway, onto the actual stuff I got in HK.

There's an H&M practically everywhere so there was no reason for me to visit a store in HK but I wanted aviators and since I can't splurge on RayBans (yet) these would have to do. They're not half-bad actually, and they don't fall down my non-existent nose. I'm actually considering getting a back-up. The bright scarf I passed by on the way to the counter and well, we could all use a splash of color right?

There was a Coach pop-up outlet store at The Peak, so of course I had to drop by and look what I found! An iPhone 4S case! I've been looking for one (not from Coach, from any brand) for the longest time, but all stores in Singapore have stopped selling them in favor of iPhone5 cases which is a total bummer (am I the only one still stuck with a 4S in this country?). And now I finally have a new one, and a pretty blue Coach one at that, and with the markdown it's very reasonably priced. Win.

Ah, MAC. I had every intention to hoard because it's cheaper in HK, but everything I wanted was sold-out. Hmmp. And also, while recommending other products to me, three drops of the sales assistant's saliva landed on my arm. For real. Ugh. Thank goodness I wore long sleeves. So I just got a MSFN to use as setting powder, a clear brow gel, and a bottle of moisturizer (you all know how I love my MAC skincare).

See by Chloe platforms - surprisingly comfortable, came in only one size (mine!), and 70% off. Yes, please.

 "How many shades does the loose powder come in?" I asked the lady at the counter. "Two," she replied. "This one has no shine. The other is... schwine shine." I decided I didn't want schwine shine and ended up with 01 Creme, no shine. And yes, La Mer loose powder. Because of reasons.

So first let's discuss the purple monster. The boyfriend was giving me an "are you kidding me?" look, but I really find him cute! A bit mentally deranged, maybe, but cute nonetheless. And then from the Disney store I picked up Lotso! And he does smell like strawberries :D (Note to self: must not throw him away, lest he turn into a toy mafia boss).

I also got this awesome awesome awesome Mickey mouse bowl. It's perfect for sinigang! You keep the soup in the middle, the rice on one of the ears, and fish sauce on the other ear. Your entire meal in one bowl!

Before heading off to the airport we passed by Sneaker Street. Actually it was more like scoured. At this point my feet were screaming in tortured agony, so you could imagine how wonderfully beautiful this pair of ultra-light ultra-comfy Adidas flats appeared to me.

When I booked my flight home I knew I was going to be upset, so I got the "comfort kit" add-on (I flew with JetStar going home - again, not AirPhil Express). I must say, for 17 bucks it's well worth the price. You get a blanket and nifty hanging pouch that contains socks, an eye mask, earplugs, an inflatable neck pillow, a toothbrush, and a Bloom lipbalm. I actually didn't get to use anything because I stayed awake the entire flight, but I'll be bringing this along the next time I fly.

And because I'm in full-on patola mode (I can't sleep and babies were screaming all around me) I also bought the panda screen wiper. Don't judge :p

Last but most definitely not least, the kunsintidor boyfriend's gift. :)
I've been obsessed with an LV cles for a while now. I like how it comes with a keyring, and is the exact size for credit cards and transport pass cards and things. I did shop around for cheaper alternatives, but everything is either too big or flimsy or nearly as expensive.

I especially like it with my mini-monster attached; I think it adds just a touch of irreverence. I have a feeling we're going to be very very good friends. :)

So that's that! How did I do? Not too crazy, not too shabby, right? :)

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