Making a List, Checking it Twice

Because what is life but a neverending series of wants?
First on my list, an Hermes Lindy.

Credits: Bagsnob

The first time I saw one I was in Marina Bay, and I've just moved in to Singapore, and there was this lady carrying a gorgeous chartreuse bag. It was love at first sight. If only I knew where she got it, I thought, then I am most definitely going to buy myself one.

Imagine my excitement when I saw it on a window display. I found it! The ecstacy quickly gave way to disappointment and horror when I looked up to see what store it was. Son of a b*tch it's Hermes. Why? Why does it have to be Hermes? Why can't it be Charles & Keith? Or any other brand I can afford without selling my spleen? But I've seen it, loved it, and dreamt of it. It is done.

The lemming list is being regularly updated, and can be viewed here. My birthday's on October, if you're wondering *wink*.

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