Obsession du Jour: Nip+Fab Body Butter in Pistachio Sundae

I've only had this for less than a week, but I am obsessed. Obsessed, I tell you.

They had me at Pistachio Sundae
It's one of the few times I'm thankful for being an impulse buyer - I fished it out of one of those giant discount bins near the checkout counter at Watson's (one of the few times I'm thankful for long checkout queues as well). I wasn't familiar with the brand (a quick Google search would show they're a London-based company that specialized in fat-trimming, cellulite-reducing creams and such, hence the name), but the name sounded so delicious and I figured I could always use a travel-sized tub of body butter.

Now I know I say this a lot, but it is all sorts of awesome. First of all, the smell is amazing. They weren't kidding when they put Pistachio Sundae on the label. It's a very creamy, lovely scent and I can't stop sniffing it (my nose is burrowing into the tub as I type). Seriously, it's nuts (pun intended).

The best part is how excellent it is in the moisturizing department. After only a couple of uses I noticed my elbows were super soft, and that almost never happens. And yet it's light enough to use amidst all this heat and humidity without turning into a walking grease ball. I am so very smitten that today I rushed off and got two more tubs because they're going for two dollars a pop, and it retails for more than double that (4.95!) in their website, which is, again, nuts.

I am so waiting for that giant tub to go on sale.

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