Shopping the Sales: Lovisa

I try to avoid Lovisa, I really do. Whenever I get suckered in I end up spending more time inside the store than I would like, and consequently spending more money than my wallet would like.

It doesn't help that the accessories are meticulously arranged by color, with the rings additionally sorted out by size, which appeals to the OC in me. And that the staff is all nice and friendly (a rarity in these parts). Oh, and they are also almost always on sale. Death.

I only realized this a few weeks post-purchase, but this is actually very similar to a Marc Jacobs necklace I pinned here

Come to think of it, none of the pieces I own were bought at full price :p

A couple more necklaces to spruce up the plain black shirts and dresses which have become my staple these days

Lovisa originates from Australia and offers "current fashion jewellery at an accessible price point". Prices range from single-digit figures to about 50SGD. If you shop the sales like I do, most items go for less than 20SGD which is a pretty good deal if you ask me.

They're not of stellar quality, of course, but I find that they don't tarnish as easily as stuff from other brands with similar price points (Forever21 I am looking at you). And they do have a lot of real good stuff; I very rarely leave the store without a purchase or two. Or three in last week's case because they were having a 3 for 2 promotion. My goodness, these sales. So painful on the budget. But look how pretty!

If you listen closely you can almost hear my EQ's sigh of defeat. 

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