Feel Good Friday: Top Chef and Sesame Street and Cow Shit

I've been down in the dumps lately, hence the lack of activity in this blog. First, the haze. Then, a three-day episode of lightheadedness that culminated in a trip to the doctor and anti-vertigo meds. And last but definitely not least, apartment troubles. If there's anything I regret in this whole wonderful life of mine, it's the day I signed a two-year lease to this flat.

This face just about captures it all

Anyway. Back to Feel-good Friday.

I've had this video on loop this entire week. A bit crazy (and obsessive) maybe, but it just makes me smile!

Top Chef x Sesame Street

In this episode of Top Chef (Season 8, Episode 10) Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Telly judge the Quickfire challenge which was to bake the world's best - wait for it - cookie. I don't really know how it works, to be honest. Do the puppeteers do the judging? Or maybe the Sesame Street writers because they know the characters better?

I particularly loved the part when they were heckling Dale, who began the episode with "f*ck that" and "that's bullshit", and all he could do was smile because how else do you respond to good old Sesame Street heckling?

Elmo has never been my favorite character (Oscar the Grouch has so much more character, doesn't he?), but in this episode he is just precious! Especially when he said Antonia's cookies looked like "cow shit". And said it again, just in case you were too shocked to believe it the first time. It also sounded like he said "cow chips", but come on. Take a look at those cookies and tell me what it reminds you of.

You can watch the whole thing here:

Hopefully I can bounce back to regular programming real soon.
In the meantime, have an awesome Friday. ^^

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