Dear Owndays, My Nose Thanks You

I have given up on glasses a long time ago - they never looked good on me, they would always fog up when I'm eating ramen, and most importantly, they keep slipping down my nonexistent nose.

However, the short-lived haze episode left me with eyes as dry as the Sahara; I went through three different brands of contact lenses but no dice.

Sigh of defeat.

Glasses it is.

As it so happens there's this newly-opened optical shop in Plaza Singapura.

It's called Owndays, which is as Japanese a name as it could ever be (by way of an example, in Tokyo I've stayed in hotels called Goodstay and MyStays). They even had their jingle playing on loop, which kinda didn't make sense because it was in Japanese, but it did contribute to the ambiance. For a while there I felt I was in one of the countless optical shops in Shinjuku, with those little machines where you can clean your glasses for free.

Their claim to fame is having the most competitive prices because they source their merchandise directly from the manufacturer. I don't know how much of that is true, but I do appreciate how their display prices reflect the cost of the frame, the high-index aspheric lens, and all the other extras. What you see is what you pay for, no hidden charges, no sticker shock at the cashier's desk. Prices range from 99 to 199 SGD (all in), which is very reasonable, I think.

I must've tried on all the frames they had (okay, I did try on all the frames they had) but I ended up having to go back the next day because I was indecisive as f*ck. The optician took one look at me and said, "weren't you here yesterday?". I was mortified.

Anyway, I finally settled on a large-ish brown pair, and after getting the routine eye check I was told to come back for them after twenty minutes. Twenty minutes! Kinda insane, isn't it?

I almost don't mind they got my surname wrong

After a short visit to Sephora (that was all I could manage to do in such a limited time), my glasses were ready for pick-up!

The case is a very minimalist white plastic with no exterior branding, which gets lots of plus points in my book.

I settled for a matte tortoiseshell frame that is a bit on the large side, as tiny frames tend to make me look mataray in a very high school principal way. The lime green accents look so fresh and yummy, no?

This particular model is from the Air Ultem series, which is made out of ultralight, ultraflexible material. Rumor has it that Japanese frames are more tiny-nose-friendly, and I am inclined to agree; I've never had a pair fit my face so comfortably - now I can smile without my glasses bobbing up and down (if you're pango like me you would understand how huge this is; if you're not, well, i'm jealous and I hate you). In fact I tried on a couple of Prada frames in another store, and let's just say I've made my peace with not being able to wear designer glasses.

Yep, made my peace indeed. ^^


  1. We are so happy to find your blog and you like our glasses.
    When you got any problems about spectacles, please feel free to visit us again.
    Thank you!
    Umiyama from OWNDAYS

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Umiyama-san!
    I am enjoying my specs immensely. I have actually recommended your shop to a couple of friends.
    Thanks for the wonderful service. ^^

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    1. @swordude I agree with the display being conducive to trying the frames out; I always hesitate to visit optical shops and try frames on because once I bother the sales staff I feel compelled to buy something :p

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    3. swordude, may I know what model did you pick? What was the size numbers written on the frame? I also have a wide face. Thanks

    4. Need to clarify that whereas Owndays explained that the low cost was due to factory direct sort of arrangement, there IS significant different in quality compared to the more expensive lens. Do not expect getting same kind of quality lens.

  4. I recently visited Okinawa and was wondering where I could order the frames from. I love the Air Ultem's and wanted to purchase a couple of different frames to have my optician complete for me. I live in California and won't be returning to Okinawa for quite some time. Thank you!!