A Little Bit of Crazy

What do you do when the person you were waiting for at the airport did not materialize and could not be reached via phone? 

As I discovered last night, I would first wander about the arrival area for a good hour and a half (post landing) before I finally convince myself that maybe, maybe that person is not coming out those sliding doors. Especially since the baggage carousel has been empty for an hour. 

And then, after alternating mutterings of "you have got to be kidding me" and "what the hell do I do now", I proceeded to the information desk and asked if it's possible to find out if a passenger has cleared immigration or not. "I can't give you that information, but you can try calling immigration," the very nice lady said, trying to ignore, perhaps, my half-deranged eyes. "It's hard to get through the line, but you just have to be patient." 

Apparently, high-stress situations make me want to share things with random strangers. "It's strange," I said. "He has been here a lot of times before and there was never any trouble. And I find it odd that he didn't contact me." "Well it has been an hour," she replies. "If he wasn't allowed to go past immigration he won't be allowed to make phone calls until he has gone back to his country of origin." I have no idea if this is true, but it made me even more convinced that something went awry in the immigration counter. "Maybe you should just go home and wait." she suggested. 

As promised, it took a dozen calls before I was patched through. "Is it possible to know if a passenger cleared immigration?" I asked. "We cannot give you this information." "Well can you tell me if there was someone in the flight who wasn't allowed to go through? You don't have to tell me who it is." "We can't give you this information. You either call the airline or try to get in contact with that person." "But... really?", I answered lamely. It's two thirty in the morning and all this has been mentally exhausting.

So there I was, in the middle of the arrival area, amidst people reuniting with family and friends, about to burst into tears while talking to an immigration officer over the phone. And then I get another incoming call. 

It was the boyfriend. I was at the wrong terminal and he has been waiting for me for two hours now.

Have a happy weekend ;)

Friday Favorites: Japanese Pranks

The Japanese pull off the best pranks in the world. Bar none. No one is more innovative, more committed, and more elaborate.

You probably have seen the velociraptor chase prank; it has been making the rounds in Facebook lately. If you haven't, well, here you go. You're welcome.

This has been called the best prank ever, but I respectfully disagree. There is so much more where this came from. I have had countless dinners with colleagues that culminated with typing "Japanese pranks" in the YouTube search bar and laughing our asses off for a good hour or two. Seriously, there are that many. Consider this a partial list of my favorites. 

Chasing Trains Day 6: Florence, Land of Porchetta and Outlet Parks

Florence will always be remembered as the city of Porchetta.
But I'm getting ahead of myself.

Breakfast was the first order of the day, and after wandering about I found myself in Il Cernacchino, a nondescript shop that served sandwiches and soups, tucked neatly in one of Florence's narrow alleys . It is run by two sisters, one of whom warmly welcomed me in. As it was still early, I was the only customer in the room (dining area is upstairs), so I felt I had to order soon, as all eyes were on me. Panicking, I picked the first item in the menu that I felt I could pronounce: Porchetta.

I then watched, with eyes as wide as saucers, as she pulled out a gigantic slab of roasted pork from the oven and proceeded to carve it, the skin crackling as the knife sawed through that crispy, artery-clogging awesomeness. My goodness, what did I just order.

Post-BeautyMouth Haul

I don't know if I should be thankful I stumbled upon Caroline Hirons's blog (Beautymouth <-- click with caution). On the one hand, she's awesome and I love her. Finally, someone who shares my disdain for makeup remover wipes.  On the other hand, within 24 hours of my first foray into her website I have hightailed it towards the mall and purchased these:


Friday Favorites: Pink Five

Lately I've been liking the idea of bright lips, after years of nude lipstick obsession. Nothing brightens the face (and my mood) more than a pop of pink, and these are the five products I've been loving so far:

Shopping My Stash: NARS Blushes

I've tried tons of blushes, from drugstore to high-end, but at the end of the day I always, always go back to NARS. They just do it so well.

Guess which one got doused with alcohol inside my kikay kit?

In general, I find that NARS blushes apply smoother and last longer than any other powder blush I own. And they also offer a lot of matte shades, which my pores are very thankful for. Whenever I attempt to prune my makeup collection, these grubby NARS pans are always the first to go on the "Keep" bin because I can't bear to part with any single one.

Chasing Trains Day 5: Museum Fatigue and Bistecca Fiorentina

The day started off with a half an hour wait because I forgot to reserve tickets (okay, I didn't know I had to make reservations), and then I was off to Florence. The Frecciarosa business class is pretty sweet, with leather seats and electronic recline control (you bet I played with the remote for a bit). The bathroom is pretty disgusting though, which is such a shame.

It was warm and sunshine-y when I arrived, or at least it was as warm as it can be in December. My hotel room wasn't ready yet, so I left my bags and decided to wander about. 


I've been subscribed to Bellabox for a while now, but I've put off blogging about it because the first couple of boxes I got were a bit 'meh'. But but but! My August box came a day early and I guess fourth time's the charm because this I actually got excited about.

In celebration of Singapore's National Day, this month's box has a peranakan-inspired design instead of the usual pink. I've been loving blue lately so it's kinda perfect.

Well That Was Fun

Austerity month lasted exactly one week. Yay me and my low EQ.


Defeated by the crazy National day sale at the Adidas outlet store. By now you should be familiar with the usual justifications - last pair, my size, and several other people are eyeing it. 

In my (very shaky) defense, I have been considering getting running shoes in an attempt to somehow catapult myself into physical fitness. I own exactly one pair, and I got them in my exact size, which is apparently a big mistake in the unfamiliar world of running shoes. Because your feet expand when you run, there should be a thumb's width worth of space between your longest toe and the edge of the shoe to accommodate this. So... yeah, new shoes. And heavily discounted ones too, thank God. 

I guess it's time to start running now.

P.S. Austerity month is still on for cosmetics. No, really. 

Friday Favorites: Oyster Mee Sua

I had this for dinner three days in a row, which is a good indicator of how much I love it. It's a good reminder to try out something new once in a while. See, I'm pretty much set in my ways. Whenever I find myself in Plaza Singapura (which happens more often than I care to admit) it's either that sausage sandwich place, a nice juicy burger at Carl's Jr., or crepes and seafood chowder at Saybon's. I was craving for the latter on that fateful day, and rushed to Plaza Singapura after work only to find the store closed for renovation. The horror. But I was starving, so I walked around a bit, found this snack shop with one empty seat, and decided to just go for it.

So the store is called Snackz It. I know, right. 
But I was hangry. Yes, hangry. Hungry and angry (at Saybon's for renovating) and must. have. food. 

August is Austerity Month

It has to be.
I came across this article entitled 7 Signs You're a Shopaholic and hmnmnmnmnmm why don't we go through all of them? You know, just for fun.
  1. You have many unopened or tagged items in your closet.
    But but but... what if I'm just waiting to bust them out for a special occasion or whatever? Like that little black dress with leather panels is not just going to be worn on a normal day in the office because it has to be cleaned by a leather specialist afterwards! And at my age (ugh, my age) I always have to have a fancy dress or two on standby because people are getting married left and right and I can't just wear the same thing to every single wedding, can I?

  2. You often purchase items you don't need or didn't plan to buy.
    Ehm. Does this mean I'm only allowed to go to the mall if I need something? Because that's just not possible in Singapore, land of multiple interconnected shopping strips. The malls are on top of train stations, for crying out loud.

  3. An argument or frustration sparks an urge to shop.
    It's better than keeping it all in and going crazy. If everyone just shopped instead of squabbling the world will be a happier place. We will all be in debt, sure, but we're happy.

  4. You experience a rush of excitement when you buy.
    If your eyes don't sparkle as you leave the store with a yummy new bag, then you don't deserve it. If you're not excited to shop, then dude, give me the money and I'll do the shopping for you.

  5. Purchases are followed by a feeling of remorse.
    Credit card statements are followed by a feeling of remorse.

  6. You try to conceal your shopping habits.
    Let's just say I used to blog about every single thing I get my hands on, but now I buy things so frequently it's almost embarrassing. Okay, it is embarrassing.

  7. You feel anxious on the days you don't shop.
    No shopping on weekends means I get to buy something on Mondays, yes?
So yeah, I guess I have a shopping problem. It's not that bad, like I'm not in debt or anything. But I do think I have way more stuff than I actually need. Whereas before I can keep tabs of everything I own, now I'm starting to forget about shoe purchases a few weeks back, or makeup I bought, used once, and kept for some future use that never materialized.

So. For this month, instead of shopping in stores, I am going to shop my stash instead, and look for things that are so forgotten they're practically new. No makeup shopping, no shoe shopping, no bag shopping (although I don't really shop for bags that much anymore, to be honest). God help me.