I've been subscribed to Bellabox for a while now, but I've put off blogging about it because the first couple of boxes I got were a bit 'meh'. But but but! My August box came a day early and I guess fourth time's the charm because this I actually got excited about.

In celebration of Singapore's National Day, this month's box has a peranakan-inspired design instead of the usual pink. I've been loving blue lately so it's kinda perfect.

For the unfamiliar, Bellabox is one of those subscription-type things where you get a random mishmash of items each month. They're mostly sample sizes, but I figured it's a good way to try out new products.  That, and teeny tiny bottles are very handy for travel.

The items usually revolve around a theme, like travel or some movie or other, and for this month it has something to do with surviving Singapore's schizophrenic weather (I think).

It's a nice mish-mash of stuff from tea sachets to lip gel patches (one of the more interesting items in the August box, if I may say so myself), and I'm actually keen on trying everything out. I'm still on the fence if it's worth the twenty dollars, though. On the one hand I like having a box of stuff to play with every month (who doesn't?), but on the other hand I feel like these are things you get for free when you go shopping (in fact some items are labeled "sample only, not for sale"). Like I went to Fancl one time, bought two tiny bottles of stuff I wanted to try out, and came home with one box's worth of free items.

I am glad to receive this particular box though, seeing as I'm not allowed to buy makeup stuff this month. Yes, austerity month is still on (I have to keep saying this so I don't cave).

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