Chasing Trains Day 5: Museum Fatigue and Bistecca Fiorentina

The day started off with a half an hour wait because I forgot to reserve tickets (okay, I didn't know I had to make reservations), and then I was off to Florence. The Frecciarosa business class is pretty sweet, with leather seats and electronic recline control (you bet I played with the remote for a bit). The bathroom is pretty disgusting though, which is such a shame.

It was warm and sunshine-y when I arrived, or at least it was as warm as it can be in December. My hotel room wasn't ready yet, so I left my bags and decided to wander about. 

The city of Florence is a living, breathing museum; one can easily get lost in the narrow alleys and cobbled streets. And well, being one to take things literally I did get hopelessly lost more than once, but it was pretty easy to find my way back to the city center and regain my bearings. 

As I was looking for a place to have lunch (getting lost again, no doubt), I passed by the Uffizi gallery. Spying no queues at the entrance, I hurriedly went in. And regretted it a hundred years later, when I was starving and tired and not even halfway through the museum. Having just plowed through the Vatican museums the day before, I was suffering from some serious art overload. And the artwork started repeating - didn't I see that one yesterday at the Vatican? Wasn't that also in display at the Louvre? Which one's the original and which one's the replica? Is this corridor ever going to end? Do I really want to see the hundred other rooms? Did I mention I was hungry?

It was getting dark by the time I left the Uffizi. I attempted to do some shopping, but the museum fatigue must've gotten the better of me because with all the wonderful stuff I encountered I went home empty-handed.

Finally, dinnertime. Bistecca Fiorentina seemed apt. 

It might have raised an eyebrow, ordering a giant slab of steak by my lonesome. But I was too famished to notice things. I wish I can tell you I paired it with a nice glass of red wine, but I ordered Coke because I was alone and had no intention of getting even slightly tipsy. And rightly so - on my way to the hotel some dude on a bicycle asked me what time it was and then proceeded to tell me he was trying to learn English and would I like to help him over dinner or coffee? He looked a bit high, to be honest, although he did not smell of weed (something I learned during that short weekend in Amsterdam). I told him I was on my way to meet a friend, and I was late, and hurriedly walked away. In my defense I did meet a friend, and that friend is Sephora, and it was about to close, so I was indeed late. After one last round through the shops, I decided to call it a day.

Oh, and if you're curious, I did wipe out everything on that wooden slab - a hungry Ella vs a huge slab of beef is no contest at all. 

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