Post-BeautyMouth Haul

I don't know if I should be thankful I stumbled upon Caroline Hirons's blog (Beautymouth <-- click with caution). On the one hand, she's awesome and I love her. Finally, someone who shares my disdain for makeup remover wipes.  On the other hand, within 24 hours of my first foray into her website I have hightailed it towards the mall and purchased these:


And this is with some measure of restraint already (only four products, see?). To be honest I don't really have a problem with my current skincare routine so consider this an enhancement as opposed to a complete overhaul. Besides, a good deal of what I'm doing is already BeautyMouth-compliant, such as double cleansing and using an acidic toner. So these four should suffice, at least for now.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleanser
This is the only actual replacement I purchased. I've always known that the squeaky-clean feeling you get from a good face washing session with a foaming cleanser is not necessarily a good thing, but I stubbornly stuck to it because my face does not feel clean unless it has been massaged with rich, glorious lather. So it is with much trepidation that I purchased this cream cleanser; my face is probably going to feel icky for the first couple of weeks or so until I get used it. But it's either that, or I get an *eyebrow* from Caroline Hirons. No thank you.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir
This is a travel-sized bottle from Sephora, bought because apparently, we also need a hydrating toner - yes, that means we have to tone twice - and I have none. The name is borderline pretentious (okay, it is pretentious), but I've heard only good things. Plus, it's very refreshing and it smells awesome. Pretentious name forgiven ignored.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
I actually just emptied an entire bottle of the original Advanced Night Repair, and while I found it to be good, it wasn't the miracle product they made it out to be (by "they" I mean the internet review people). But it has been completely reformulated since, and this newer version is supposedly "bloody good" so I figured I'd give Estee Lauder a second chance (her products never break me out, after all).

Trilogy Rosehip Oil
I actually had no plans of purchasing this. Or any other oil, for that matter. But... it was on sale.

Rosehip oil is full of antioxidants and is known to lighten scars and reduce fine lines and wrinkles while keeping the skin hydrated. More importantly, Miranda Kerr uses it every night, and the next morning she wakes up next to Legolas Orlando Bloom. Doesn't that sound awesome to you?

Hopefully this barrage of new products does not lead to disastrous results. I'll let you know in a month or so. ^^

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