Shopping My Stash: NARS Blushes

I've tried tons of blushes, from drugstore to high-end, but at the end of the day I always, always go back to NARS. They just do it so well.

Guess which one got doused with alcohol inside my kikay kit?

In general, I find that NARS blushes apply smoother and last longer than any other powder blush I own. And they also offer a lot of matte shades, which my pores are very thankful for. Whenever I attempt to prune my makeup collection, these grubby NARS pans are always the first to go on the "Keep" bin because I can't bear to part with any single one.

Never mind that three of them look suspiciously similar.

L-R: Desire, Gaiety, Mata Hari

In my defense, they do swatch differently, enough for me to justify their co-existence in my makeup drawer.

L-R: Desire, Mata Hari, Gaiety

Desire is the second NARS blush I bought. It's a matte, cotton candy pink that is crazy pigmented. It doesn't look as garish when  buffed onto the skin, though, and for a while this used to be my everyday blush.

Mata Hari is a warmer pink, which I initially thought would work better for my skin tone (not that Desire wasn't working; I just needed an excuse to get a new blush). However I find this trickier to apply because it has a tendency to look muddy. This is actually my least used blush out of the bunch.

Gaiety is my grab-and-go pink blush. It's not very pigmented - uncharacteristic of a NARS blush - which makes it mistake-proof. If I have to apply my makeup in, say, a moving vehicle, this is what I'd be using.

L-R: Exhibit A, Orgasm, Douceur

L-R: Exhibit A, Orgasm, Douceur

Exhibit A is my very first NARS blush. It's a crazy crazy color, and the pigmentation is insane, but when buffed into the skin it turns into this gorgeous watermelon-y flush and it lasts all day. I've obviously had it for a while, but I haven't managed even the slightest dent. Come to think of it, I probably should chuck this already, but how can you throw away something so pretty?

It took me a while to hop aboard the NARS Orgasm bandwagon, and we still have a love-hate relationship to this day. It's a pretty color, yes. But the shimmers! They just scream "pores"! Even if it's NARS's most popular blush, I don't think it's necessarily the prettiest shade. However, I do find that it makes a wonderful eyeshadow, which makes it worth hanging on to.

Last but not least, Douceur belongs to that category of blushes that look very blah in the pan but transform into a lovely natural flush when applied to the cheeks. It's so strange. This is one of NARS's newer shades, as is Gaiety, and what they have in common is the significant lack of pigment. I don't know if it's intentional, to make application easier, perhaps, or if the quality has gone down, but I do have to really scrape my brush against the pan if I am going to get any color on my cheeks. So while I do love this shade, it might be worth checking out similar colors from other brands (bonus swatches, yay):

L-R: Tarte Exposed, NARS Doceur, MAC Gingerly, Sleek Suede
P.S. If you find yourself with insanely grubby NARS things, click here.
P.P.S. If you have any blush recommendations, please don't post them as I am on a shopping ban. Oh what the hell, post them anyway, I'll get them next month tee hee. 

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