Well That Was Fun

Austerity month lasted exactly one week. Yay me and my low EQ.


Defeated by the crazy National day sale at the Adidas outlet store. By now you should be familiar with the usual justifications - last pair, my size, and several other people are eyeing it. 

In my (very shaky) defense, I have been considering getting running shoes in an attempt to somehow catapult myself into physical fitness. I own exactly one pair, and I got them in my exact size, which is apparently a big mistake in the unfamiliar world of running shoes. Because your feet expand when you run, there should be a thumb's width worth of space between your longest toe and the edge of the shoe to accommodate this. So... yeah, new shoes. And heavily discounted ones too, thank God. 

I guess it's time to start running now.

P.S. Austerity month is still on for cosmetics. No, really. 

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