How (NOT) to Pack

So this was how I proceeded with packing up my stuff for the move: First, I packed a suitcase as if I'm going on a one-week vacation. This way, I know I will survive my first week in the new place without having to unpack every single box. Next, spring cleaning. Moving is an opportunity to reflect on the utility of every single thing I own, and to get rid of all the junk that I never cease to accumulate. And then, on to packing. I logged every single thing that went into every single box, and labeled each box accordingly. Come moving day, all that was left for me to do is pack up whatever stuff I used that morning (e.g. bath stuff, sleepytime clothes, pillows, laptop) in my travel bag and I was off. Easy peasy.

Yeah right.

Two hours before my movers were scheduled to arrive I was running around my room like a little teeny tornado, grabbing random items and throwing them into even more boxes, which I *did* label accordingly - Random, Random2, Random written in purple ink because I could not find the black marker (I guess it fell into the Random box. Or the Random2 box. Who knows). And now, days after the move, I am still opening box after box trying to look for things. Hrrrrrr.

I started pretty well, you know. I acquired lots of free boxes (from my flatmate who hired professional movers). I bought labels and markers and things. I was able to pack a grand total of six boxes (plus another box well on the way) a good three weeks before my move. I even had an app, for crying out loud.

Essentially it tracks not only the contents of each box, but also what room it goes into and it's current status (e.g. open for packing, packed and ready to go, in transit, etc.). You can also add pictures. It's not necessary, really but it's a feature I thoroughly enjoyed. Now I have a picture of all my shoes :D

The idea was, should I have a pressing need to wear my black pumps, I would know which box to open. Nifty right?

So you see, it went pretty well at first. But as I discovered, I simply had too much junk. I expected, after packing the first six boxes, to be left with a room with only the bare essentials. But my closets were still very much full, and every single drawer I opened revealed even more junk that for some reason, I still cannot bring myself to throw away.


Let us all be reminded that when I first came to this country I only had *one* giant suitcase. And this is what I brought with me when I left Anj's apartment after three months of squatting on her couch:

And then this was the moving situation a year later:

Boyfriend not included

And now?

And this is not even *all* of it

So yeah, that escalated quickly.

Needless to say, I gradually lost steam and that is how I ended up just emptying all the contents of my closet into whichever box is nearest.

Thankfully, I didn't have any trouble with my movers (despite being a cheapskate and hiring the least expensive option) - everything was schlepped in half and hour and all I had  to do was hold the elevator door open.

Now the only thing left to do is unpack. Ehm. I think, at the rate I'm going, I'll be done in ten years. So I guess I'll see you all then.

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