If it Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

Or, how I totalled my skin by being an impressionable idiot. Recall that a couple of months ago I attempted to do a mini-skincare overhaul after stalking Caroline Hirons's blog. Yeah. Not my most brilliant moment. I am sure her recommendations work for a lot of women, but I unfortunately am not one of them.

Suffice to say that I just woke up one day with five cystic pimples. FIVE. Strategically positioned for maximum visibility, and shrouded in some sort of concealer repellant. Seriously, I tried everything in my makeup drawer, and I invariably ended up with a shiny angry red volcano surrounded by a ring of goop. Horrifying is an understatement.

Thankfully I managed to get things under control in a little more than a week.

SOS Clindamycin Phosphate, Proactiv Revitalizing Toner, La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, and my good ol' Clarisonic Mia

After years of battling acne, I eventually figured out what works for my skin (very thorough cleansing, clindamycin, glycolic acid and salicylic acid) and what doesn't (benzoyl peroxide). Most of the products I have already blogged about previously; the only newbie is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. I have the European version, which is benzoyl-peroxide free, so it can double as a moisturiser for combination to oily skin. It's a bit drying, this routine, so I wouldn't recommend it for everyday, but it is quite effective.

I still have some scarring to deal with, only because I am a picker. I know, I know, you should never ever ever pick on pimples. But I think it has long been established that I am completely devoid of EQ.

Anyway, the point is, after all the time I have spent dabbling on skincare I should have known better. Do remind me when I start mooning over products again.

Birthday Grub

Posted a month late, because of reasons.
Posting anyway, because of more reasons.

Foies gras in a burger. Yes, please.

All I wanted for my birthday was good food and good company. Wish granted. ^^


As an OFW there is nothing more horrific than having to watch helplessly as our country is ravaged by one natural disaster after another.

A week before the Bohol earthquake, typhoon Santi plowed through Central Luzon, where my hometown is. My mother called me in the middle of the night; it was the strongest typhoon she has ever experienced, she said, and she was not sure if our house would hold up. I barely slept that night, and the next morning all power lines were down and I was unable to contact anyone at home for hours. And because Manila was left untouched by the storm, there was barely any news. It very nearly drove me nuts. I walked around the house like a zombie, and obsessively checked websites until I was finally able to call my family later in the day.

I could only imagine what it must be like this time, for my friends, for everyone still in the dark about the fate of their families back in the Philippines. It has been days.

I saw one tweet in my feed about how everyone has his own coping mechanism. Some obsess, some distract themselves. Me, I alternate between the two. Every single news update is just so heartbreaking you just have to pry yourself away from time to time. The worst part is the utter helplessness - hundreds of miles away, the only thing I can do is watch.

And donate, with the hope that it reaches the victims and not line some politicians pockets.

The Philippine Red Cross accepts donations via Paypal/Credit Card.
Donations can also be made to the Ateneo de Manila Disaster Response and Management via the Philippine Jesuit Foundation.

Every little bit helps.
God bless the Philippines.