New on the Lemming List: Babyliss Perfect Curl

I am obsessed with this gadget. Obsessed.

Hair gadgets have progressed very little over the years, so this is a refreshing development.

Awesome, right?

But, as with all shiny pretty things, it comes at a hefty price, and I just cannot bring myself to drop 300 SGD on a beauty tool. Unless maybe I intend to curl my hair everyday (and even then, I would be better off just getting a perm). Sigh.

There are tons of this selling for waaaaaay cheaper in Gmarket (end even deal sites such as Groupon) but given the original price point and the fact that this is a popular gadget I have my doubts on the authenticity. As far as online shopping goes, if it's too good to be true, it most probably is. I did consider just getting an obvious knock-off for 50 SGD, but hair tools are not something to scrimp on, as this little lady learned (the very hard way):

The full lemming list can be viewed here.


  1. hi ms. ella! i am SUCH a big fan (or stalker) of yours. you seem to have it pretty together. this is going to sound weird, but i want to have a life like yours when i graduate from college :( i want to get a stable job, travel, and -- most of all -- shop to my heart's content. but right now, i think i'm floundering in my studies and it's freaking me out. i'm from pisay too, for pete's sake (batch 2012 waddup). aren't we supposed to have it easy in college? it's not like i'm in intarmed or anything -____- was there ever a time in college when you doubted yourself and your abilities?? did you ever think you'd achieve this much? how did you usually study and what was your schedule like?

    P.S. i totally understand if you don't have the time to answer. just know that i find you amazing!

    1. Hey, thank you so much for dropping by! ^^
      And thank you, thank you for the wonderful comment.
      I don't know what to tell you, though, because college for me was a breeze! Kidding ;) I remember my very first college paper - it was for Western History, and I thought I did pretty well, and when it came back I got a D. Shock of my life. But, well, the only thing you could ever do in situations like this is dust yourself off, figure out where you went wrong, and rebound like hell. College is not simply an extension of high school; it's an entirely different ballgame, so what style of studying that might've worked then could require a bit (or a lot) of tweaking now.
      I don't think I'm the best person to give advice on how to study, as I was (and still am) a raging procrastinator, but, should you find yourself cramming for an exam, make sure you get enough sleep, because evidence suggests that memory consolidation happens during REM sleep ;) Good luck, and enjoy your college years; they're awesome.