STFU Parents

You know you've reached a certain age when your Facebook feed starts getting peppered with baby pictures. It seems like everyone these days is either pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or done being pregnant.

Now I happen to love babies. As long as I can return them back to their parents once they poop or vomit or cry uncontrollably. And as long as they don't cry on the plane. My goodness, babies crying on the plane. But let's not get started on that.

So I somehow landed on this website, in my search for something new to stalk in the interwebs, because almost all of the blogs I used to love have now gone so commercial I might as well just buy a magazine. Sigh.


STFU Parents is a submission-based website that targets oversharing parents, and it's as hilarious as it is horrifying (and nauseating). Prior to this discovery I was not aware that eating your own placenta was a thing. I mean, seriously, just... why?!? But apparently, it is. And as with everything that you eat, pictures have to be posted in social media. Why eat it if you can't post it, right?

Eat this, not that?
Apart from placentophagia, the blog also tackles other parental overshare phenomenon such as mommyjacking, which can be best explained by the photo below:

Credits: STFU Parents

And then there are the "sanctimommies", and the fact that under no circumstances could you claim that you have been in more pain and suffering than a woman who has given birth. Ever. And of course the classic poop and vomit photos. Fun.

The interesting thing is, with all the people getting knocked up in my circle this year (I swear, 2013 is the year of pregnant friends), I have yet to see this type of behavior on my feed. Only proper pictures of their kids. Bah. :p

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