New on the Lemming List: Babyliss Perfect Curl

I am obsessed with this gadget. Obsessed.

Hair gadgets have progressed very little over the years, so this is a refreshing development.

Awesome, right?

But, as with all shiny pretty things, it comes at a hefty price, and I just cannot bring myself to drop 300 SGD on a beauty tool. Unless maybe I intend to curl my hair everyday (and even then, I would be better off just getting a perm). Sigh.

There are tons of this selling for waaaaaay cheaper in Gmarket (end even deal sites such as Groupon) but given the original price point and the fact that this is a popular gadget I have my doubts on the authenticity. As far as online shopping goes, if it's too good to be true, it most probably is. I did consider just getting an obvious knock-off for 50 SGD, but hair tools are not something to scrimp on, as this little lady learned (the very hard way):

The full lemming list can be viewed here.

STFU Parents

You know you've reached a certain age when your Facebook feed starts getting peppered with baby pictures. It seems like everyone these days is either pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or done being pregnant.

Now I happen to love babies. As long as I can return them back to their parents once they poop or vomit or cry uncontrollably. And as long as they don't cry on the plane. My goodness, babies crying on the plane. But let's not get started on that.

So I somehow landed on this website, in my search for something new to stalk in the interwebs, because almost all of the blogs I used to love have now gone so commercial I might as well just buy a magazine. Sigh.


STFU Parents is a submission-based website that targets oversharing parents, and it's as hilarious as it is horrifying (and nauseating). Prior to this discovery I was not aware that eating your own placenta was a thing. I mean, seriously, just... why?!? But apparently, it is. And as with everything that you eat, pictures have to be posted in social media. Why eat it if you can't post it, right?

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Fancl Mild Cleansing Oil

I just purchased my second bottle, which tells you there is more good than bad (and ugly).

I've used MAC cleansing oil for years, but I've always been frustrated with the packaging as it does not travel well - even if the pump has a lock, it can be easily undone during transit and oil is one of the last things you would want to spill all over your luggage. So one day I "accidentally" wandered into Fancl and decided to give their cleansing oil a try.


Le Mouse Flats

It's a love-it-hate-it kind of thing, but I have been stalking these shoes for as long as I can remember and they finally, finally went on sale (just in time for my birthday!) so I just had to share.

Meet my Marc by Marc Jacobs mouse flats. ^^


I ordered them from Shopbop, which is fast becoming my favorite online shopping portal - super fast shipping to Singapore, and an awesome return policy. Once, in a fit of low EQ-ness, I ordered a crazy ass pair of wedge sneakers from them (also by MbMJ). The moment they arrived I just knew they would look horrible on me, and I was not mistaken. But it didn't prove to be too much of a problem - all I did was click "Return", print out some forms, and wait for the delivery guy to pick up the package for return. In less than two weeks I had my money back. That easy! I could not recommend them enough. Don't blame me if you get addicted, though ;)

Happy shopping!