Full-fat cooking: Crab fat pasta with coconut milk

So good, and so, so bad.

Heart attack pasta

I had some leftover coconut milk and we always have a bottle (or ten) of crab fat in our pantry - and here we are wondering why we're getting fatter and fatter by the minute - so I thought I'd whip something up to reward myself for all the household chores I did the entire weekend. Watching nothing but Top Chef reruns for days on end might also have something to do with it.

It's actually fairly easy to do, and you can't really go wrong with coconut milk and crab fat. I just sautéed the latter with garlic and chopped onions, seasoned it with lime juice, fish sauce, and cayenne pepper (of course), and then added a few ladles of pasta water and let it simmer for a couple of minutes before adding the coconut milk. When the sauce has thickened slightly, I threw in some chopped shrimp (you want to add it later so it doesn't turn the consistency of gummy bears), dropped the cooked pasta in, and voila, dinner. I mixed in some chopped cilantro to add a hint of "green" to an otherwise heavy dish, but it's also perfectly fine without.

This is definitely a once-in-a-blue-moon kind of thing, and right now I can feel my cholesterol levels skyrocketing *brings out le sphygmomanometer*, but we could all use a treat from time to time, yes?

New Year, New Hair

So last Saturday I was dragged off to having brunch with friends, and I said, "hey, where do you guys get your hair colored?"

Before you get any ideas, this poser of a meal came after a heaping plate of bacon and french toast.
And the fruit is swimming in booze.

Three hours later I was sashaying out of the salon with considerably lighter locks. Ah, the wonders of peer pressure.

To be fair I've been itching to color my hair for the longest time (recall the boxed dye episode that was not so much disastrous as it was anticlimactic), but fear has always gotten the better of me, so it took two (very good) enablers for me to finally take the plunge.

I selected - or more accurately, agreed to - a dark brown with a hint of violet. Or so the stylist said. Everything more or less looked the same to me, so it was all a matter of faith. Thankfully, when I saw the end product I smiled - I was so happy (and relieved) I forgot to take pictures!

This was taken the next day, after a billion tries - I clearly do not have this selfie thing down pat

It's not the most drastic change in the world, but it does take some getting used to. The last couple of days I have been sending half-deranged messages to Anj: "My haaaaair! It's too light!!!", "This color, it's so pedestrian!", and other such first-world problems. I'm not even sure I know what pedestrian hair color is, but it made sense at that time. 

It also didn't help that the horrid office lighting gave my hair a most unpleasant orange tinge. Ugh.

I did, eventually, make my peace with it. Or at least for the time being. At any rate, I am owning this hair color. And I am owning you, 2014 ;)