Chasing Planes Day 0: First, A Wedding

One of the main reasons why I had to take three planes to Japan instead of one is the wedding of a dear friend. In our high school barkada of twelve, three are getting married this year in two month intervals - the first being Jakes's wedding last January. Crazy. And a sign of my age. Gasp.


This time instead of a crazy boat ride it was a road trip to Laguna. It was on a Friday, so I had to take a red-eye flight to Manila so I can meet up with the girls before heading down south. As is customary with evening flights (or any flight, for that matter), there was a flurry of packing beforehand so I did not get any sleep. It was partly intentional, so I'd fall asleep during the plane ride instead of being a tangled mass of nerves. It works most of the time. 

Changi airport
My travel buddies chilling out at Changi

I took Jetstar because they offered the cheapest flight (CebuPacific is under some sort of identity crisis these days with their exorbitant fares), and the schedule works for me. I don't even mind landing at Terminal 1 of NAIA. I know it sucks, but I don't get all worked up about it anymore. Something about managing expectations, I guess. Plus, when I was a kid this was the terminal where we'd see my dad off, so it's a bit nostalgic in that respect.

The flight was uneventful; in fact it landed ahead of schedule, which I unfortunately did not appreciate as that leaves me with more time and nothing to do - it was a good three hours before our meeting time. 

It was so early the boyfriend and I were the first customers at the Early Bird Cafe, and this was after having coffee at Krispy Kreme. 

Early Birds

The girls and I booked a bed and breakfast in Laguna so we don't have to hightail it back to Manila right after the wedding. We weren't expecting much because it was pretty affordable, but the Sulyap Gallery was such a pleasant surprise.

Sulyap Gallery

I wish more places looked like this instead of trying to go "modern".

We had lunch in the cafe downstairs and it was pretty good. In fact we enjoyed it so much we almost didn't get to see the bride walk down the aisle. Whoops. But thanks to Chelo's awesome driving skills we made it with a couple of minutes to spare ;)


Where there are weddings there are photo booths and where there are photo booths there are wacky pictures, which is something my friends and I fail miserably at. We're wackily-challenged. It's a thing.

We actually got together and decided that today was the day we conquered wacky shots. Eight seconds later and we collectively knew it just wasn't going to happen. Ah well. We tried.

My makeup was a complete rehash of the look I did for Jakes's wedding, except I did it in half the time.

The next day we headed back to Manila, and I decided to get some eyelash extensions because a couple of my friends had them and I was so, so jealous. It wasn't the most comfortable thing in the world, but at the time I felt it was totally worth it. Tiis-ganda. 

It's not until a few weeks later (read: now) that I started cursing myself for coveting thy neighbor's (false) lashes. They're itchy, and annoying, and I have no idea how to remove them (the technician said they'd fall out eventually - but when?!?).

I also planned to get a haircut, but the lashes took longer than I anticipated so I ran out of time. Instead the boyfriend and I wandered about in Greenbelt and we stumbled upon an exhibit called Planet Ocean.

I enjoyed it immensely, but then again I haven't seen a shark photo that I didn't love. I would have lingered much longer, but I had some major (re)packing to do. Flight number two leaves in a couple of hours, and Japan awaits.

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