On Living Simply

I have always been highly attracted to clean, empty spaces. And yet, everyday I come home to a room overflowing with stuff, clutching a paper bag filled with even more things to add to the mountain of clutter.

It just does not compute.

Surely, I can live with much, much less. So one day I decided to try and do just that.


I started by getting rid of ten things inside my makeup drawer. Ten things that I would either throw away, give to someone, or sell, but essentially, ten things I would no longer keep. It was easy enough - all I had to do was empty out that back drawer we all have that contained long-forgotten makeup items that, at the time of purchase, we thought were "must-haves".

The next day, I moved on to my closet. Ten articles of clothing. Out came the shirts with rips and missing buttons that I "promised" to fix someday but never did.

Day three: shoes. I don't have a lot of pairs, so I picked out five and then compensated by going back to my closet for those dresses I was going to wear when I lost twenty pounds (read: not happening).

And so on and so forth. I've been at it for two weeks or so. Some days I skipped if I was too tired from work, and some days I can only manage to dig out three items or so, but more often than not I found myself increasingly excited to go home and find more things I don't need. I was excited to throw stuff away. It's kinda crazy.

I have to admit that I've had some relapses here and there - while fixing my "to give away" pile one dress made its way back into my closet - but for the most part it became progressively easier to part with things. It's almost therapeutic.

Now I might never be the person who owns only one hundred items, or who could fit all her possessions in one carry on. But I certainly can be someone who owns only what she needs and what she loves. I may not be living simply now, but I'm going to get there. Baby steps.

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